D U N A S  M A P  is  a 
P O W E R F U L  and  C O M P L E T E

C O M M U N I C A T I O N   T O O L


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Since 2008, DUNAS MAP is used by thousands of gay tourists visiting the island every week.
Gran Canaria is the Gay Destination Number 1 in Europe, increasing every year the number of vistors. 
Many fashion brands, hotels, bungalows complexes, shops, bars, events, festivals, websites, all around Europe, use DUNAS MAP to get more international visibility and increase their sales. The best businesses in Maspalomas are in Dunas Map.

Whatever your budget is, we find the perfect way to highlight your product or trade.
Just choose your pack Printed Map or Digital and contact us to receive our prices list. It's simple, efficient and very complete.
We do not just do marketing, we want your success !
A Perfect Target Group : 100 % gay men

Gay men with high purchasing power, loving to travel, go out, have fun...  Including Fetish and Bear community
Playa del Inglés / Maspalomas is a 100% gay resort, advertising in DUNAS MAP means reaching your desired audience.


  • Gran Canaria gay tourists are identified with the gay community, they prefer to buy products and / or visit businesses gay-owned or gay-managed. Let them know that you are one of those ! 

  • Many of our visitors are leather and fetish lovers, including latex and neoprene. They love to stay informed about the latest trends and related festivals or parties going on.

  • Most of our visitors belong to the bear community or are adept to it. DUNAS MAP will help you to reach all of them.

International Impact : Many countries at once

Promotion from Gran Canaria to the whole world 
in and out the island
Every week, all year long, thousands of gay men visit Playa del Inglés / Maspalomas, coming from more than 15 europeans different countries :

United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Luxembourg...


Advertising in DUNAS MAP gives you a complete european visibility. Don't waste time and money publishing in different magazines, with us get the international impact you are looking for. As easy as that !

Pay less for best results : Better price than any other international gay magazine

The duration of your ad is always for 2 months instead of just one like in other publications
  • Dunas Map is updated and published every two months, so all our prices are for two months advertising instead of just one month like in other publications. The duration of your ad is longer, you can reach more people in one shot, non stop, and you always come out winner.

  • Been Canary Islands a special tax zone, foreign customers are exempt from VAT and local customers pay only 6.5% of IGIC instead of more than 20% elsewhere in Europe.

  • Chosse a long time subscription and save even more money ! Take advantage of our special offer including many other free benefits


A complete package all included : One same name but several communication medias at the same time
Printed Map, Website, Application, Social Networks

DUNAS MAP offers you various simultaneous actions in different medias all included :

Calendar of publications :

New issue every 2 months / 6 editions a year
February + March : Carnival Issue - April + May : Gay Pride Issue - June + July : Summer Issue - August + September : Maspalomas Summer Fiesta Issue - October + November : Fetish Week + Winter Pride Issue -  December + January : Christmas + New Year Issue