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Fine Cuisine Restaurants to discover in Maspalomas

Maspalomas is not only a good place to have fun and enjoy the sun or the holiday but also to taste new flavors and explore different food specialities from all over the world. Discover the best addresses of fine cuisine restaurants for an excellent evening meal enjoying the warmth of Maspalomas nights.

4 Fine Cuisine Restaurants to discover in Maspalomas.

You like quality cuisine and gastronomy, but you are also looking for a real dining experience in a special setting with dishes that will make you travel and offer your palate a real discovery. Just try the restaurants below, you won't be disappointed. They are excellent.

Layali Beirut

Layali Beirut, traditional lebanese cuisine, grill specialties and morrocan dishes, Maspalomas

Layali Beirut is a lebanese and marocan restaurant with oriental specialties located in the Yumbo Centrum, nivel 2 (planta 2). Layali Beirut offers you a unique experience in the heart of Playa del Inglés. Enjoy lebanese food, grill specialties and cuisine from Morocco, like variety of chicken, lamb, fish dishes, combining tastes from the east with many vegetarian options. You could try also traditional desserts like sweet and tasty Baklava, yogurt with walnuts and honey, or some clasic like chocolate mousse. You will find a good selection of home made desserts.

In Layali Beirut, the menu is designed with taste and aims to bring the authentic food experience from the exotic east. If you are looking for a exotic cuisine in Gran Canaria, this restaurant is your place. Enjoy the big terrace and the oriental atmosphere with cocktails and shisha lounge.

Avenida Estados Unidos, 54 - Yumbo Centre, planta 2 - Playa del Inglés (+34) 928 267 435.

Open everyday in the evenings, from 18h to 24h. Website.

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Dreams restaurant, swiss specialties, grill and international dishes, Maspalomas.

Dreams is a fresh new restaurant bar in Playa del Inglés with terrace and nice decoration. The menu includes some swiss specialties, like the meatloaf with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce, and international dishes, like hamburgers, cordon bleu, entrecote grilled or croquettes. The hamburgers are made with swiss raclette cheese, which makes it extra juicy and tasty. They also have vegetarian dishes and many tartars with meat or fish. Enjoy the famous "Zürich Geschnetzeltes with Rösti", veal strips on a creamy white wine sauce with crispy grilled potatoes, the "Hackbraten mit Kartoffelstock" or the salty cheesecake "Quiche". If you prefer fish, you can try the salmon filet, done in sous vide low temperature, cooking which takes it time but totaly worth.

The bar is especialised in gins, you can find more than 80 different ones, specialy the Hendricks gin. At Dreams, you can choose from all the existing Hendricks including the newest addition - the lunar gin.

Avenida de Tirajana, 17 - Apartamentos Barbados - Playa del Inglés (+34) 691 546 818.

Open Tuesday to Sunday in the evenings, from 18h30 to 23h. Facebook page | Website.

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Ravintola kuparipannu

Ravintola Kuparipannu, scandinavian specialities restaurant in Maspalomas

Ravintola Kuparipannu is a scandinavian restaurant in Playa del Inglés (Maspalomas) with a large menu choice, grilled meat, fresh salmon, tapas, hamburgers, vegetarian dishes and norsk specialities.

They have a different menu with vegetarian options every day for the lunch, that changes every week, always at very low prices. The lunch is served from 13h to 16h.

At Ravintola Kuparipannu, customers rate the quality of the food, the polite service and the warmth of the welcome. They apreciate also the location, because it's a bit lower then the street, it feels more quiet. The place offers a large inside room and a nice terrace. You will find a wide choice of very varied food including pizzas, fish, meat, buffets and desserts...

The restaurant has existed for years and is truly one of the culinary references of Playa del Inglés, especially for lovers of Scandinavian cuisine, but not only... It is warmly recommended to try it.

Avenida de Tirajana, 25 - Apartamentos Tanife - Playa del Inglés (+34) 928 03 02 41.

Open every day except Wednesday, all day long, from 13h to 23h. Facebook page | Website.

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Pantai Kuta

Pantai Kuta, indonesian and asian specialities restaurant in Maspalomas

Pantai Kuta is an indonesian restaurant with asian specialities located in San Fernando de Maspalomas, at only 10 minutes walking from Yumbo Centrum. If you like the delicacy of Asian dishes, fragrant rice, shrimp, skewers with multiple flavors and meat in sauce cut into small pieces, this is the place for you.

The restaurant offers a small interior room, nicely decorated, and a small terrace on the street. The atmosphere is family and relaxed. The chef comes directly from Indonesia and offers real traditional cuisine. It is possible to eat on the spot or to order by phone and take the food away.

Very low prices and well-stocked plates. The duck in sauce is highly recommended but not only... Delicious restaurant, best food at the best price !

Calle Alcalde Marcial Franco, 24 - 35100 San Bartolomé de Tirajana (+34) 928 77 46 58.

Open every day except Monday and Tuesday, from 13h to 16h30 / 19h30 to 23h30. Facebook page | Website.

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