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Bazar Ani, the reference costumes and disguises shop in Maspalomas

Updated: Mar 13

Bazar Ani has been the reference costumes and disguises shop in Maspalomas for almost 50 years and the only original one. Behind their famous slogan "We dress you for all events", there is a family business devoted to the customers and deeply committed to local tourism and the gay community.

Bazar Ani, costumes and disguices shop in Maspalomas

From the outset, Bazar Ani has been mainly associated with the Canaval and party costumes, but over time the company has diversified considerably, and today it caters to all audiences, all year long, for all occasions, whether public or private events, at home or on the street, and even for companies. Christmas, New Year's Eve, birthdays, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Bastille Day, parties... there is always a good reason to pass by Bazar Ani. This is one of the favorite places for gay men who come to celebrate in Maspalomas and who are always in need of new ideas, new products, disguises, and party accessories.

But what is the story of this great business ? Bazar Ani was founded in 1974 in San Fernando de Maspalomas by Ani and Salvador, the parents of the current owners, and it is now managed by the second generation, Mayte, Yamile and Augustin.

The three sisters and brother have all been academically trained with different middle and higher studies grade degrees, although their real school has always been the store itself. Since from a very young age their parents, the true teachers, have raised them between boxes in the middle of the store and warehouses. Some of them have even slept in a shopping basket, Agustin said.

Bazar Ani, costumes and disguices shop in Maspalomas

The commercial name Bazar Ani is due to the fact that, from its beginning, it was the store of the town of San Fernando de Maspalomas. Let's remember that a bazaar is a store that sells anything from a needle to a wig. In the past, purchases were made locally, since there were no large shopping centers and no online sales, which is why in the store they have sold almost everything based on what the customers demanded. The name "bazaar" is for that reason, because they tried to have everything that was asked for, and Ani is for the name of the founder, wife of Salvador and mother of the children.

Currently at Bazar Ani, we can find a wide variety of items for haberdashery, lingerie, as well as for parties and celebrations, such as costumes, wigs, accessories, sequins, makeup, etc. The variety of articles is designed both for private clients who want to enjoy a Carnival party, the professionals from the entertainment - such as drag queens, dancers, performers, or acrobats - and the tourist entertainment sectors in hotel establishments.

We consider it very important to take care of our tourism among all of us by offering them quality service and products, optimizing the variety of the offer.

Bazar Ani, costumes and disguices shop in Maspalomas

Recently, Bazar Ani's team has also developed an online store for e-commerce. Thus, customers can make their purchases on the website from their home country before arriving in Maspalomas, and when they are in town, they will pick up their products at the store before attending the events. It's easy and convenient, and it saves customers time and ensures that they always find everything they want in exactly the right color and size.

For Bazar Ani, the LGBTI community is a very important client. It is a pleasure for the team to receive them at their establishment. They have especially stocked up on articles intended to satisfy the demand during the great events of the community that are held in Gran Canaria (Gay Pride and Winter Pride) and also to meet the needs of the professionals and artists in the hotel, restaurant, and show business that mostly serve the LGBTI tourists.

From any part, the response is very positive, and this is a good thing. So, when gay tourists return to their country, they have the feeling of wanting to repeat the experience of visiting the island and, of course, to pass by Bazar Ani.

Bazar Ani is located in San Fernando de Maspalomas, just behind the Burger King, not far from the Yumbo Centrum.

Bazar Ani - Plaza del Hierro, bloque1, local 1

35 100 San Fernando de Maspalomas

Mon. - Friday : 9h30 - 20h

Saturday : 9h30-19h30

☎ (+34) 928 76 10 93

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