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Gay Shopping in Maspalomas : the best places

Updated: Nov 17

Maspalomas is a perfect place for gay shopping. You can find in the seaside resort a lot of famous international or local fashion brands for men at the best price. Many shops are specialized in fashion with festish wear, underwear, beachwear or swimwear, but also in accesories, like erotic shop or party shop, very appeling for gay people.

Gay Shopping Maspalomas : the best places

Boxer Gran Canaria | Hot Garage Sexshop | The Factory | Code Store | Dress Code | Why Not ? | Glamour & Erotic Boutik | Dominika Skansen | Bazar Ani

In Maspalomas, the best gay fashion stores are mainly located in the Yumbo Centrum but also in the Cita Shopping Center and sometimes out of Playa del Inglés. Don't miss them ! You don't need to check the opening time before to go there, they are generally open every day including sundays and holidays, all the day and even late in the evening, until 22h.

Boxer Gran Canaria

Boxer Gran Canaria - Yumbo Centrum - Maspalomas

Founded in 2007 in Barcelona, Boxer is the most famous and oldest fetish fashion brand for gay men, specialized in beachwear, gymwear, pridewear, scally, leather, military uniforms, underwear and socks, neo rubber clothes, bears... They have also accessories, puppy park, masks, sextoys, etc. Boxer has designed a wide variety of options inspired by partygoers, sports brands, films, and even by suggestions from customers and staff. They dress all kind of fetish people from bitch boy to posh or skinhead…

Yumbo Center, 4th Floor (Above the pharmacy)

* * *

Hot Garage Sex Shop

Hot Garage Sexshop - Yumbo Centrum - Maspalomas

Hot Garage is a small and cozy unisex sexshop for all ages and also one of the olders in the Yumbo Shopping Centre, open now from more than 18 years, which means they have a very long experience. They offer all kinds of variety in sex DVDs, underwear, toys, dildos, dolls, condoms, lubricants, etc..., even cabins. Everything you need to break monotonies, make fantasies come true and enjoy a full sex life. The service is completely personalized and they advise you with total professionalism and discretion. It is possible to order what you cannot find on site. For your convenience, Hot Garage now has two locations in the shopping centre : the old traditional shop and a new 24-hour automatic sex shop.

Yumbo Center :

> Ground Floor - Open every day from 10:00 to 22:30 / sunday : 16:00 to 22:00

> 2nd Floor / Planta 2 (above the Hiperdino Supermarket) - 24h/24 7/7

* * *

The Factory

The Factory Gran Canaria - Yumbo Centrum - Maspalomas

The Factory is a big fashion shop jeanscompany for men and women, specialized in sportswear and beachwear. You will find many famous international brands such as Tommy Jeans, Superdry, Ellesse, PP Jeans, Jack & Jones. Always at the best prices. The Factory is one of the largest boutiques in the Yumbo Centrum with a very wide choice of brands and products, particularly jeans, t-shirts and shorts.

Yumbo Center, 2nd Floor (Planta 2) - Open everyday all long day.

* * *

Code Store

Code Store Gran Canaria - CC Cita - Maspalomas

Code Store is one of the oldest and well known fashion store in Maspalomas, specialized in swimwear and underwear for men, even if you can find also some clothes like t-shirts, tank tops, polos, shorts, and accesories like sandals, masks or sunglasses... Code Store is a distributor of the biggest international swimwear brands such as Alexander Cobb, Modus Vivendi, Code 22 or Jor... They are also designer of their own brand W:AU. No stay in Maspalomas could be complete without a visit to the Code Store.

Cita Shopping Center, 1st Floor (just next the Café Wien) - Open everyday

* * *

Dress Code

Dress Code Gran Canaria - Yumbo Centrum - Maspalomas

Dress Code is a unique place in the Yumbo Shopping Centre where exclusive brands meet with an excellent customer service. The store is specialized in denim, streetwear, sportswear, beachwear, underwear and swimwear with a wide range of accessories and exclusive sneakers. You will find there many famous and international fashion brands for men, all ages, and specialy for the gay community style, as Tof Paris, Code 22, Avenue-George V Paris, Andrew Christian, Hawkers, Petrol... Dress Code also has a fetish and leather clothing section. Don't hesitate to ask for what you can't find in the store.

Yumbo Center, 2nd Floor (Planta 2) - Open every day from 11:00 to 21:00

* * *

Why Not ?

Why Not ? Gay Fashion for men - Yumbo Centrum - Maspalomas

Why Not ? is a fashion shop specialised in men's clothing, swimwear and intimate apparel. This is one of the oldest gay shops in the Yumbo Shopping Centre. You can find exclusive brands like Alexander Cobb, W:AU, Barcode, Sweet Banana, Indicode, Pump!, XTG, The Free Way, Modus Vivendi, Locker Gear or Code 22. A place with an excellent choice of articles and a wide range of products, really worth a visit.

Yumbo Center, 3rd Floor (Planta 3) - Open every day from 10:30 - 14:00 / 17:00 - 21:30

Saturdays : 11:00 - 15:30 / sundays : closed

* * *

Glamour & Erotic Boutik

Glamour & Erotic Boutik - Cita Shopping Centrum - Maspalomas

Glamour & Erotic Boutik is a new concept shop combining erotism and fashion for men and women. You will find there a large choice of gadgets, toys, underwear, harness, BDSM, cockrings, lubricants, leather, accessories, shoes (41-45), drag queen, fetish, make up... All you need to spicy and enjoy your stay in Maspalomas at very low prices. Also international brands like Locker Gear and Joe Snyder.

Shoping Centre Cita, Ground Floor. Open everyday, all day long.

* * *

Dominika Skansen

Dominika Skansen C.U.M Clubwear - Yumbo Centrum - Maspalomas

Dominika Skansen is a fetish fashion shop for men and women, featuring swedish brand C.U.M Clubwear specializing in clubwear, alternativewear, ravewear, decadance and kinkywear. They have a lot of leather clothes, but also shirts and shoes. A place with a very original choice creating by designer Dominika Skansen herself. All items are handmade in limited numbers.

Yumbo Center, 2nd Floor (planta 2) - Open every day

* * *

Bazar Ani

Bazar Ani - Party & Costume Shop - Maspalomas

Bazar Ani is a party and costume shop offering accessories and disguise for all kind of events, public or private, all year long like Gay Pride, Fetish Pride, Halloween, St Patrick, October Fest, Carnival, New Year's Eve, Christmas, but akso birthday, graduation, bachelor party or weeding... This is the reference store for anything you need : make up, hat, flag, shoes, wigs, beards, hairpieces, etc. Order online or pass by the premises in San Fernando de Maspalomas juste opposite of the Burger King, it's so easy to find !

Plaza El Hierro, Bloque 1, Local 1 - San Fernado de Maspalomas

Monday - Friday : 9h30 - 20h | Saturday : 9h30 - 19h30

* * *

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