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Clínica Cáceres : Gay-friendly international medical centre in Maspalomas

Updated: May 15

Clínica Cáceres is a well-known gay-friendly international medical center in Maspalomas, with a complete range of specialties and a long experience serving foreign travelers and their needs. The premises have recently been completely renovated and are more than ever at the top of quality and modernity.

Clinica Caceres : Gay-friendly international medical centre in Maspalomas

Need a doctor and you're looking for a gay-friendly medical service in Playa del Inglés ? Clínica Cáceres is located opposite the Yumbo main entrance in a very convenient and easy-to-access place. They offer outpatient medical care in general medicine as well as various specialties like echography, electrocardiograms, blood and urine tests, aerosol therapy, etc. They also perform rapid antigen tests by nasopharyngeal swab, with results in 15 minutes, and are certified.

This medical centre has been attending to the health needs and emergencies of the citizens for many years and collaborates today with the San Roque Maspalomas Hospital as well as with many international medical insurances.

The service is offered mainly in English, Spanish, German, and French, but they have a translation service for any other language, so you can always speak your own language. The Clínica Cáceres' team is formed by great health professionals committed to the patient. All are dedicated to your welfare and highly qualified to treat chronic diseases, different kinds of traumas, and every kind of diagnosis. They are also proud of being a gay-friendly clinic, welcoming members of the LGBTQI community with warmth, understanding, openness, and respect.

In the event of a visit on site, the patients are immediately attended at the reception desk. The medical assistance team has a wide experience in emergency medicine and internal medicine. Recently completely renovated, the clinic has facilities with the latest technology to help their experienced staff do all that is necessary to ensure the welfare of the patients.

They serve long-term tourists, foreign travelers, and local residents and their families. They provide the excellence and knowledge necessary to meet all health requirements and medical needs. They have the experience, resources, and technology to assist you as you deserve.

Health and trust are the most important things for Clínica Cáceres. They are committed to offering high-quality health services. Before recommending a treatment, they always conducted a rigorous review of each patient's physical condition, possible traumas, and emotional state, which may sometimes be associated with the conditions diagnosed.

In Clínica Cáceres, they offer the following specialties : family medicine, medical checkups, general practitioner, clinical analysis and laboratory (blood and urine tests), emergency assistance, echography, electrocardiogram, and aerosol therapy. They even provide aesthetic medicine !

The clinic is open 7 days / 24 hours a day, and available for emergencies. You can consult on-site or request a visit to your hotel or accommodation. It's always best to call ahead. You are invited to learn more about their medical services by contacting them directly to provide you with adequate attention.

Clínica Cáceres : Av. de España, 13 - Playa del Inglés

☎ (+34) 928 761 292


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