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Clockem Rockem, your sexy butt-hugging men’s swimwear

Clockem Rockem is a men’s fashion swimwear brand formed in 2022 and established in Nottingham (UK). In a few months, this gay-owned company has already launched two fabulous butt-caressing swimwear ranges : Rockbutt, a six butt-hugging, bikini-fit colors, and the very brand new KNK, a fetish limited edition. Both available only through their website.

Clockem Rockem, Butt-hugging Men Swimwear

Clockem Rockem is the passion project of married couple Shaun and Paul Swift. The boys decided to have a pop at creating and making the kind of swimwear and clothing they love, admire, and want to wear. Clockem Rockem beachwear ranges are cut, shaped, and developed to showcase and stylise the male body shape. All swimsuits are tight, shiny, and offer something different for you to frolic in.

Discover a world of style with the Clockem Rockem swimwear collection

Step into a world where style and confidence meet. Clockem Rockem presents carefully crafted men's swimwear that caters to your unique taste. Explore their ranges as you dive into a sea of options that complement your style. Clockem Rockem men's swimwear is guaranteed to stand out no matter where you are. Whether surfing waves along the beach or swimming in your local pool, their swimwear exudes style and helps you look your best where it matters most. Prepare to make a statement with swimwear that oozes confidence.

Unmatched comfort for effortless beach days

Comfort is key when it comes to enjoying the sun and sand. That's why they have paid meticulous attention to the craftsmanship of their swim trunks. Clockem Rockem's swimsuits are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, to offer unrivaled comfort, ensuring you can easily move in and out of the water. Experience the freedom of quick-drying fabrics that keep you feeling fresh throughout your beach adventures, no matter how wet they might get. Many brands sell swimming trunks that look great but don't perform to your desired level. You won't have to worry about this when you choose Clockem Rockem, as their men's swimwear is designed with both function and flair in mind.

Model : George Dennis @georgedennisfitness

What's so special about the Clockem Rockem swimwear ?

At Clockem Rockem, they understand that finding the perfect swimwear is about more than just style. Their swimwear is designed with special features that set it apart. Here's why their swimwear is truly exceptional: ➡️ Double-lined for privacy : The swim trunks are double-lined, providing extra protection and ensuring you feel confident and secure while enjoying your time in the water. Say goodbye to any worries about transparency and embrace carefree moments at the beach or pool. ➡️ Flattering fit : Finding swimwear that flatters your unique body shape can be challenging. The swim trunks are meticulously designed to provide a flattering fit for every body type. With carefully tailored waistbands and adjustable features, their swimwear accentuates your best features.

➡️ Quick-drying : The polyester swimwear fabric is quick-drying, has a high degree of durability, is colourfast, holds its shape when wet (and dry), and has a certain amount of stretch.

➡️ Great pricing : High-quality swimwear should be accessible to all. That's why Clockem Rockem offers its products at great prices, ensuring you can enjoy premium-quality swimwear without breaking the bank. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and their pricing reflects their commitment to making that a reality.

➡️ Model profiles : Clockem Rockem has made a conscious effort to use 100% local models. All of them are hand-picked, prime beef and British. Not only are they hot, but working with them save the planet with fewer air miles.

➡️ Excellent customer service : The boys at Clockem Rockem promise excellent customer service, which stays with you through the shopping process. Both are trained in customer care but are also freakishly chatty. They want you to have a great experience, and help them with suggestions on where to pivot next.

Model : Ben Dudman @dudmanben

Find the perfect fit for your body type

Everyone deserves swimwear that fits perfectly, enhancing their natural shape. The Clockem Rockem's swim trunks are available in various sizes, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for every body type. With an adjustable waistband and four fits (bikini, brief, micro g-string, and square cut), their swimwear provides both style and functionality. Feel confident and embrace your unique physique with swimwear that accentuates your best features.

What about the Rockbutt range ?

Lauched at the end of April 2023, Rockbutt is their first range featuring premium men’s bikini swimwear. While small, it is a perfectly formed range of swimwear, available in six butt-hugging, bikini-fit colours : Lapis (blue), Midas (yellow), Commando (green), Sunburn (red), Pitch (black) and Tighty (white). Logos are sublimated, so there is no disappointing long-term peel away or fading.

Order Rockbutt Range online here

What about the KNK range ?

For their second collection, ‘KNK’, Clockem Rockem has developed a range of swimwear that crosses over into the dark side, to make the boys wink. A wet/leather look that would be perfect for the beach, pool, circuit parties, and just downright dirty, kinky play. Eye-catching, jaw-dropping, scene-stealing and pant-popping. You can choose between four styles : brief, bikini, micro-G, or square. To make ‘KNK’ all the more special, the range is extremely limited edition, so you won’t be caught in a ‘who wore it best’ swimwear faux pas. When they are gone, they are gone.

Order KNK Range on line here

Embrace your style with Clockem Rockem

Join the Clockem Rockem community of confident individuals who pridefully express their style. Embrace the combination of fashion and comfort with their premium swimwear collection. Discover swim trunks that perfectly align with your personality and elevate your beach or poolside look.

Clockem Rockem, Butt-hugging Men Swimwear

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