DRESS CODE, your best gay fashion store at the Yumbo !

Updated: Jan 3

Dress Code is a unique place with contemporary cloth and accessories for men, specially oriented for gay men, with a contemporary fashion, thought above all for the beach, holidays and leisure, but also for active life and seduction, without forgetting a particularly well developed leather, clubwear and fetish section.

At Dress Code, you will find jeans and street brands, like Y2, Ziiiro, Andrew Christian, Peter Cook, Sunpers, Tof Paris, Jor, Georges V, AussieBum, Petrol In and many more, with a wide range of swimwear, underwear, activewear, urban and classic wear from all around the world. And even a large selection of shoes and accessories...

Dress Code is located at the Yumbo Shopping Centre, planta 2.


928 77 79 92 / +34 695 09 97 77