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Dunas Magazine, a brand new publication about Gay tourism in Maspalomas

Updated: 5 days ago

There is now a new magazine dedicated to gay tourism in Maspalomas. Discover Dunas Magazine, a brand new publication by Dunas Map, available for free on the Internet wherever you are. In each issue, you will find a bunch of essential articles, complete reports, exclusive interviews, and ultimate news about the gay scene in Gran Canaria.

Dunas Magazine, Maspalomas Gay Tourism News

Dunas Map, the official Maspalomas Gay Guide since 2008, launches a new complete magazine for the pleasure of all gay tourists and residents of Maspalomas and Gran Canaria. A never seen before publication !

In Dunas MAGAZINE, you will find exclusive articles and reports related to the seaside resort and Gran Canaria. This new Maspalomas gay tool will help you to discover and find out what is going on in and around the gayest place in Europe, what to do, where to go, and much more.

A never seen before publication !

Each issue includes different sections dedicated to fashion, food, accommodation, cruising, leisure, events, activities, etc. Meet the partners of the Gay Community on the island and people who make the news in the #1 Gay Destination in Europe.

Which new establishments have just opened ? What are the best restaurants in town ? What are the trendy bars ? What are the places not to be missed ? The most beautiful accommodation ? Where to get the best prices ? Where is the most recommended beach ? The purpose of Dunas MAGAZINE is to inform you and give you the latest news about the actuality.

An immersive interactive experience

Dunas MAGAZINE is available for free on the Dunas Map website at the "magazine page" and also on our various social networks. Enjoy our publishing digital platform, use our convenient viewer and experiment with an interactive immersive sensation by opening the magazine like a real small bound notebook, seeing the pages turn and hearing the sound of the paper sliding under your fingers.

And for those who love traditional paper magazines, there is also a printed version in A4 and A5 format. Just order it on the Internet and you will receive it directly at home in a discreet envelope within a few days. The printing price is from 8 euros each, and the shipping price varies according to the place of shipment requested.

With this Dunas MAGAZINE, its electronic version and its print-on-demand service, Dunas Map innovates again and offers a never seen before publication in the field of gay tourism in Maspalomas. Enjoy it !

Dunas Magazine, Maspalomas Gay Tourism News


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