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Gay Naked Hikes in Gran Canaria

Updated: Feb 16

Discover the pleasure of walking naked in nature in the company of other gay guys like you thanks to the weekly "Gay Naked Hike Gran Canaria" excursions in collaboration with Dunas Map. Twice a week a specialized guide takes you to get lost in the jungle of Gran Canaria to meet a flora and a culture that can only be found here.

Gay Naked Hike Gran Canaria

There are many ways to hike, but the one offered by "Gay Naked Hike Gran Canaria" is unique. It's about walking completely naked in the countryside, as naked as the day you were born, in the company of a group of gay amateur nudists like you. Thanks to the exceptional climate of the island, it is possible to practice this activity throughout the year, and thanks to the many hidden and difficult-to-access corners, it is possible to go safe without being observed or disturbed by too many curious glances.

The "Gay Naked Hike Gran Canaria" excursion goes where other excursions don't go and shows you really wild places that you won't find on your own, without a specialized guide. The route is accessible to everyone without any special preparation, even if you obviously have to be in good health and enjoy physical exercise. On Monday, it is a tour for all ages without any difficulty; on Wednesday, however, the route is a little more intensive and is aimed at walkers who already have a little experience and are used to it. So be careful, when booking, be sure to select the best day and level for you.

The "Gay Naked Hike Gran Canaria" is a fabulous all-day tour from the morning to the sunset. You will see the most important and famous places on the island, but also some beautiful, tucked-away spots that few people know about. The hike starts in the north with visits to local villages; after that, you begin your journey in a small wild valley, walking through the Lauer Forest. This is a typical Canarian jungle. At this moment, you can leave your clothes in the car. For the brave, a bath in a local stream awaits. You will discover a dark cave where you will be able to taste Canarian wine and cheese. This excursion offers the highest peak, a bottle of wine, a sunset, and much more... You'll remember this fun time with nudists immersed in the heart of untouched nature for the rest of your life.

The excursion starts at 11h and finishes at 19h. They come to pick you up at your hotel or staying place in Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas. The price is 69 € per person and includes transport, a guide, wine and cheese tasting, and a bath in the stream. Don't put off purchasing your tickets. You have to book at least 48 hours before the excursion begins, and you can do it easily in Internet. You just have to fill out the form below. You wil have to pay a small 15 € deposit at the moment and the balance is to be paid on site later.


IMPORTANT : Please do not forget to take comfortable shoes and warm clothes with you because Gran Canaria is a continent in miniature and the weather can change every 10 kilometers, especially high in the mountains, but don't worry, we'll follow the sun. Bring sunscreen as well; the sun is very strong here.

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