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Lyctus swimwear and underwear, a new fashion way for men

Updated: May 9

Launched only two years ago, in April 2021, Lyctus is a Spanish brand located in Barcelona, born from the desire of a young self-made man to offer quality products that correspond to the physique and tastes of today's men and respect the environment. A unique and unparalleled approach.

Lyctus, swimwear for men

Inspired by a sophisticated design yet delicate enough to make everyone feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, Lyctus offers well-executed collections with their own meaning and purpose, that want to differentiate themselves from the fast-fashion trend adopted by many brands.

Lyctus is managed by Mariano Freire, a 37-year-old business man from Argentina by his mother's family, and from Galicia by his father's family. Mariano’s mother was a seamstress, so she showed him how to design clothes and he learned a lot from her.

One day, in 2019, Mariano was looking for swimsuits. He was searching for a plain and minimalist model, without prints or very striking things that also fit well in general, but nothing convinced him. So he decided to make it himself.

He got down to work one afternoon. He created the designs, then the patterns; he sewed many samples and tried them on his body and on the bodies of friends so that everything would adapt perfectly to different standards, and after almost 2 years, everything came to light. Lyctus was born because men who wanted to look attractive and comfortable, yet classy, could not find any swimwear that was suitable for that purpose.

Lyctus style is always clean and minimalist

Because Mariano had also graduated from the university as a business administrator, he decided to create his own society which he manages all by himself, from the design of the models to the conception, the making, sewing some clothes...Including the web, the supplies, but also the photo sessions (everything except taking the photos himself), the sales, the after-sales, the showrooms, up to the taxes and all the legal paper work.

Lyctus is a very personal project, and Mariano invests a lot of his own creativity in it. The search for the models, the idea, the place, the poses, and the artistic direction, everything comes from himself. The result (the final touch) is that the productions are small, exclusive, and very handmade.

With his brand, Mariano always tries to follow a marked line that identifies and individualizes a Lyctus from another swimsuit. For example, many people could think when they see the photos that they are plain swimsuits like any others, but when they wear them, they realize that they are really handmade and that the material is totally different. The choice of colors is also a special step and for the same reason. The designer always looks for colors that are not seen in other brands or some variation of one that is already on the market but remains different.

Lastly, since last year, Mariano has been designing new things to vary from what is always smooth while maintaining the elegant and minimalist line, such as the fusion collections (geometric combining the 3 colors of some previous collections), the deluxe editions with never-before-seen fabrics in swimsuits yet (with textures and a bit of shine), and more... Many things have to be revealed later.

A heartfelt project with the aim of a better world

Stripped of it all... There is no need for fancy clothes or cover-ups; you don't have to put on a show. Love every freckle, every curve, and every inch of your skin. Fulfilling you entirely, taking all of it in. Be real, be honest, and love yourself more than anyone else !

As mentioned earlier, Lyctus is also a brand that respects the environment and wants to stand out from the fast-fashion trend that does so much damage all around. That’s why Mariano creates only sustainable products, he buys and uses only recycled fabrics, plastics taken from the depths of the sea, or irregular raw materials that were thrown out.

All creations are made in small productions, with a unique design and paying attention to the small details. Every piece is handcrafted. Patterns are cut by hand, and colors are carefully picked. Every material and textile in the process is sustainable, even the packaging, which is eco-friendly and compostable.

Lyctus collaborates with a small membership of committed organizations so that those who carry out the work of cleaning the oceans and seas and those who do the recycling themselves can continue.

Dive into Greek mythology, embracing different types of bodies

As a brand, Lyctus is sunny and happy, and the origin of its name is found in Greek mythology. Lyctus was one of the main cities of Crete, the largest island of Greece. There, Zeus was born and helped his brothers and sisters be reborn. That was the beginning of the Olympian gods, and that was the reason why Mariano chose Lyctus as his brand name to start this journey. Lyctus can be seen as a symbol of rebirth, solidarity, help, acceptance of others, and the beginning of a better world.

Among the male models we can see in the promotional photos and videos, we find all kinds of guys, not just the typical athletic body. It is another mark of honesty and modernity signed by Lyctus. This is not something that was made to join the "diversity/inclusion" or "open mind" trend. But Mariano just wanted to reflect reality, as we all see it everywhere with our own eyes.

« You go to the beach and you don't see just one type of body (the one that most of them sell on posters and campaigns), but you see many, and that is what I want to show, reality ! » That’s why the Lyctus designs are specially conceived to embrace each different type of body, like bears, hairy, Black or Asian.

Since the beginnings, the feedback from customers and the appreciation they have for the products have been very positive, people have felt identified or represented by what they see, so Lyctus is constantly growing. In addition to swimwear and underwear, the brand also offers some accessories like caps or towels and a sportwear section with shorts, t-shirts, and tops. New collections are constantly being announced. Visit the website, order online, and keep in touch for more details.

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