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Namaste Bharat Yumbo : Indian cuisine in a trendy restaurant

Updated: 5 days ago

Namaste Bharat is the new culinary sensation to discover at the Yumbo Centre, a trendy Indian restaurant with delicious authentic specialties to taste in a large, sophisticated dining room with bright neon lights in a warm oriental ambiance.

Namaste Bharat : Indian cuisine restaurant at Yumbo Center (Maspalomas)

In English, « Namaste Bharat » means « Hello India », « Bharat » is the real name of India used by the local people before the British colonization, a name that the actual Prime Minister wants to give again to the country. That's why this new restaurant at the Yumbo chose to call itself this way.

Where did the idea come from, and who are the founders ?

Namaste Bharat is a gastronomic brand new restaurant created and managed by four friends proceeding from different parts of India, all of them graduates in their respective studies. They call themselves Navin, Kamlesh, Pankaj and Lalit, and they have family doing business in Playa del inglés for many years, and through them they all came to start a new life here. They have been living in Gran Canaria for the last 20 years or more. That's why they opened their business in Maspalomas.

All four partners have been working in different fields in the commerce sector, with tourists always being their prime clients. They have experience, for example, in jewellery, perfumery, electronics, souvenirs, etc., and they decided to put together their dreams and energy to offer purely authentic Indian cuisine in Yumbo, one of the most vibrant places in Playa del Inglés. They proudly opened in the month of February 2024. They opted for this location on the main floor of the shopping centre (3rd floor) because the space was big enough for their project and allowed for a large and welcoming, stylish dining room with great views outside by the windows.

« As we have worked all our lives with tourists from all over Europe, we understand very well their needs and know how to satisfy them. »

Namaste Bharat : Indian cuisine restaurant at Yumbo Center (Maspalomas)

Let's talk about the menu, specialties, and dishes

India is a country of hundreds of different cultures and traditions. Regionally, each part of India is unique in its own way. And so the gastronomy of India is also very diverse and rich. So is also the menu par excellence at Namaste Bharat.

Indian cuisine is influenced not only by authentic Indian dishes but also impacted by various Mughal, British, and ancient Indian Maharajá delicacies. So the restaurant offer was formed keeping in mind all these rich exquisiteness of India to give diners the experience of fine Indian dining.

The menu suits the taste buds of all food lovers, who can select appropriate level of spice as they desire. For example, they have all kinds of rice, starting from plain to the special mixed one. The Biryani rice is highly recommendable. The Lamb balti is the most sold-out among lamb dishes. The chicken menu is huge, and one can choose from a humongous amount of varieties. Chicken bhuna, korma, dopyazi or butter masala, just to name a few. And also Prawn puri, different types of nans, special tandoor starters and sizzlers, and traditional Indian deserts are there also.

One can choose from a variety of vegetarian and other dishes. The Shahi paneer gives you the experience of the ancient Indian Maharaja style of dining. In a way, the menu is complete and guest-friendly, which includes vegetarian, chicken, lamb, and fish-based plates. Apart from this, they also have a well organised modern drink menu, which also includes traditional Indian beverages.

Namaste Bharat : Indian cuisine restaurant at Yumbo Center (Maspalomas)

What makes this place so different and original ?

As we know, Indian food is loved all over the world. Anywhere around the globe you go, you will definitely find an Indian restaurant, but in Namaste Bharat, they wanted to launch an original place, something unique with a specific touch.

They can host up to 80 to 85 diners at a time. The dining hall is very elegantly decorated with different types of lighting to create different ambiances. They can hold private parties if needed, there is flexibility in time, they are open for late-night celebrations, and they give a peaceful and discrete ambiance to all diners. From the restaurant, one can easily contemplate the main stage of Yumbo. The decoration is very attractive and eye-catching. It gives a glimpse of India and its rich culture.

The prices are very competitive. No one can complain about the cost of the dishes in this place. Their chef and other staff are highly professional with experience. They don't have a fixed menu yet, but they are very flexible and can cater huge number of guests at a time.

« In fact, people are extremely satisfied with the quantity and quality of our food. Our main motive is to satisfy all our guests by giving them the best authentic Indian food, fast service, a pleasant environment, and the taste of exquisite Indian flavor. »

Namaste Bharat : Indian cuisine restaurant at Yumbo Center (Maspalomas)

What about the relationship with the gay community ?

As far as their concern about the gay community, Namaste Bharat's team must quote that they have worked all their lives in Yumbo shopping centre, that is, as we all know, the gay capital of the world, where they attend gays from as far as Canada and New Zealand. From all these experiences, they think that gays are the best of the clients; well educated, mannered, and friendly. They have great respect for them and are very happy to receive them in their place.

« We don't and will never discriminate gay men from others. For us, LGBT people are the same as other people. We wholeheartedly support the gay, lesbian, and transgender communities. We see them as one of us. Each person has the right to choose his or her sexuality. »

Namaste Bharat Yumbo Shopping Centre, main floor - 3 rd floor (in front of the Fund Grube store)

Opening time : 16h - 24h, every day (from 13h for parties or celebrations)

Info and reservation : (+34) 603 40 36 50

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