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O Rego Gastrobar, signature cuisine and attentive service in Playa del Inglés

Updated: Feb 26

O Rego Gastrobar is a new restaurant in Playa del Inglés that offers high-quality gastronomy and attentive service in a quiet and elegant dining room, making it the ideal place for those looking for something unique, careful, and of a high standard.

O Rego Gastrobar Canarias

Luis and Carlos welcome you to the new O Rego Gastrobar restaurant in the heart of Playa del Inglés, just 2 minutes' walk from the Yumbo Center. These two sweet guys are partners in life and in business. Luis is from Galicia, in the north of Spain, and Carlos is from Venezuela; together, they have decided to open a new kind of restaurant in the south of Gran Canaria. A quiet and elegant place, far from the mass tourism model, where quality and gastronomy are the references.

Luis and Carlos searched a long time for the ideal location to open their new establishment in Playa del Inglés. Finally, they chose the central interior courtyard of the Habitat residence, right in the heart of the city, because of its quiet environment, free of traffic noise and the hustle and bustle of a shopping center, and with beautiful views of the swimming pool and palm trees. Here, calm and voluptuousness reign supreme.

The dining room is small, and that's on purpose, and it can only accommodate about ten tables. But the owners have made it a real little setting, welcoming and nicely decorated, with a magnetic vintage interior, antique furniture that gives the impression of being in a real house with a soul, and dim lighting to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. No doubt it's no coincidence because Luis is not only a cook but he also trained as an architect, and he is used to doing interior decoration and design.

An incomparable gastronomic experience

In O Rego Gastrobar, you will find a signature cuisine characterized by the use of top-quality, fresh, and natural ingredients that create a fusion of creative international dishes. The products change with the seasons and are constantly renewed, so you will never eat the same thing from one day to another. Furthermore, the restaurant serves a different and unique lunch menu every day for only €15, which includes three full courses, a drink, coffee, and bread.a wonderful opportunity to eat healthy and balanced food at a low price in a pleasant atmosphere.

In Gran Canaria, it is not always easy to find exactly the ingredients you need for a recipe. But as a cook, Luis is never short of ideas or resources. When he lacks mango to make his famous ceviche, he immediately bounces back and replaces it with papaya. The result is even better than expected ! You will enjoy O Rego Gastrobar's cuisine with all your senses. Surely you have rarely (or never) had the opportunity to try dishes as tasty as the "Wok of beef with seasonal vegetables" or the "Soupy rice with prawns and cod" or the "Crispy Corn Chicken." Luis will always surprise you.

With everything diners need to have an incomparable gastronomic experience, O Rego Gastrobar will surely conquer you ! It is ideal for all occasions, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, as a couple, with friends, or with family.

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O Rego Gastrobar

Av. de Gran Canaria, 32 - Playa del Inglés

☎ (+34) 982 256 959

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