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Rabo de Toro, the gay fetish fashion brand to discover and proudly wear

Updated: Aug 27

Created by two guys from Romania, partners in life and in business, and now living in Tenerife, Rabo de Toro is the new gay fetish fashion to discover and proudly wear. A brand designed first for the gay BDSM family but also for all the kink men and for open-minded, uninhibited, and exhibitionist people.

Rabo de Toro, gay fetish fashion brand

We met the boys to find out how this adventure came to be and what it was all about exactly. They agreed to answer our questions.

Can you introduce yourself ? Who are you ?

Behind the Rabo de Toro fetish brand are us, my slave and husband, Mike the Sow and me, you can call me Master Maxx. Our story began a long time ago, like 24 years ago, when, on an iRC chat, we met and began our journey together in life and into fetish. We are both from Romania, as theatre directors, we come from a world of creation. In theatre knowing yourself, accepting yourself as who you are is vital in the process of being able to create other characters.

As being openly gay is still difficult in Romania, one day we made the decision to live our lives the way we wanted and moved to Tenerife.

When you move to another country, you go through a period of adaptation, learning the language, the rules, and the system. Then slowly we adapted, and now we can say that we were adopted by the island and our new life started. We have live in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, for 10 years and counting.

Where did the idea to create Rabo de Toro come from ? Why did you choose this name ? What does it mean ?

In 2020, during the COVID pandemic, when our main activity (gay parties & events) was canceled, we used the free time we gained in order to explore further our fetishes, and we discovered that the niche for fetishwear is limited, expensive, and difficult to find or deliver on the island we live on. So we started creating our own looks and clothes. Weeks later, our friends started ordering custom made items and the idea arise. We bought machinery, we studied something new, we brainstormed, and we created. That is how Rabo de Toro was born.

Rabo de Toro in Spain is mainly a food plate (Bull's Tail) but also Spanish gay people use Rabo as big c**k. And the Bull is a national symbol, on top of the fact that, for us, it sounds kink. Hope that for you too !

Rabo de Toro, gay fetish fashion brand

When did you create your brand and your first articles ? When did you start to sell online through your website ?

We started by selling on Etsy, an international marketplace goods for handmade and art lovers. And for direct sales, we used our bar - Anderson Gay Pub & Show Bar in Puerto de la Cruz. In April 2023, we opened our own brick-and-mortar shop in Puerto de la Cruz and launched the online store at

It is important to know that in our shop you will find not only our Rabo De Toro products. We are official distributors of major gay & fetish brands for clothing or sex toys. We offer free delivery worldwide with a minimum purchase. And for the Canary Islands, the main advantage is the fast delivery (24/48 working hours) without any customs or extra taxes.

Is Rabo de Toro your first business experience ? If not, tell us more about your previous activities.

When we came to the island, after the adaptation and language learning period, we were presented with an opportunity to have a cocktail bar on the beach, and when opportunities arise, you can't ignore them. So, for a year, we had this bar, which I think was the best school for us about laws, rules, how to do it, what to avoid, etc. Then, we left that bar because another opportunity came up for us, one of the most famous gay bars in Puerto de la Cruz was on the market. Anderson Gay Pub & Show Bar was perfect for us because it helped us get to know the LGBT+ community in Tenerife, to use our artistic skills in our popular drag shows and, later on, as I already mentioned, use it as a platform to promote Rabo de Toro.

As a fetish gay brand what can we expect from Rabo de Toro ? What is the difference between your brand and other gay fetish brands ?

Rabo de Toro is a brand for the gay BDSM family, for all the kink men, thin or fat, muscular or not, younger or older. Is a brand for open-minded people, uninhibited and exhibitionist men who have things clear and know exactly what they want.

At Rabo de Toro, we really believe in the freedom of expression of any individual. It is an essential human right that allows you to express your true self without fear of discrimination or persecution. It is the ability to live authentically, embrace your identity, and pursue your dreams and aspirations. This freedom is crucial for building a sense of self-worth, promoting mental health and well-being, and creating a more inclusive and diverse society where everyone can thrive.

Do you think there is a special vision of gay fetish fashion by a Spanish or Canarian designer ? What can Spanish or Canarian culture bring to your collections and products ?

Absolutely. As the creator and designer of a gay fetish fashion brand based in the Canary Islands, I believe there is a distinct and unique perspective that Canarian (and Spanish, in general) culture can bring to the world of gay fetish fashion. Plus, our cultural background plays a pivotal role in shaping the essence of our brand and the designs we create.

Spanish and Canarian cultures are renowned for their celebration of individuality, diversity, and a vibrant approach to life. These cultural traits naturally find their way into our designs, infusing them with a sense of boldness and authenticity that reflect the essence of the LGBTQ+ community. The Canarian spirit of openness and acceptance creates a welcoming environment for expressing one's true self, aligning seamlessly with the ethos of gay fetish fashion.

Rabo de Toro, gay fetish fashion brand

Our t-shirts often feature provocative or suggestive graphics or slogans that may relate to BDSM, fetishism, or other forms of alternative sexuality. Rabo De Toro fetish t-shirts are often worn as part of fetish or BDSM outfits or can be incorporated into more mainstream fashion ensembles for a daring and edgy look. It is a brand focused on the customer and the environment. We want to keep things small, hand-crafted, eco-friendly and prove that you can succeed like that too. All items are designed and made by us and are not mass produced. Each item is manufactured after you order it, and some can be personalised or customised the way you like. Do not hesitate to contact us for special requests.

Tell us more about the prices. Do you have any special offers or discounts available on your website ?

Yes, we do. We have fixed promotions like, for buying minimum 2 shirts you get free shipping or special bundle price. Also, we have promotions in the physical store. For example, we try to keep our community united, so you automatically get different discounts not only in the Anderson Gay Pub but also in the Babylon Gay Sauna or in the Habasko Gay Bar. We also have seasonal discounts for Pride, Maspalomas Fetish Pride, Black Friday, etc. Anyway, our prices are competitive on the market and affordable, even if you are just a student or have a low income.

Rabo de Toro, gay fetish fashion brand

Do you feel concerned by the international gay community in Maspalomas and Gran Canaria ? Is it a target group important for you ?

Yes, of course. Once we launched the Rabo de Toro brand, we had the surprise of being immediately adopted by the fetish community, not just locally but also in Gran Canaria and Mainland Spain. This showed us that we were not wrong and that there is a real need for this brand to exist on the market. Not only did they support us, but they also helped us with suggestions, direct promotion through their groups and everything else they could do for us to grow. And by growing up, we obviously returned the favour, and up until now, we were sponsors of the Mister Fetish Spain competition, where, to our surprise, one of our brand models won the title. We have to thank Ray, Mister Fetish Spain 2023, because he always helped us promote our products in all the appearances he made.

Also this year, Rabo De Toro is an official partner of the Maspalomas Fetish Pride. This is a huge opportunity for us to meet new people and make our brand more visible in Gran Canaria and internationally. If you want to buy our products, you can visit our online store at, or if you are in Gran Canaria, some of our models are distributed by the Why Not shop in Yumbo Centre.

What are your projects for the future ? Do you plan something you would like to announce ?

We started small with the fetish t-shirt line. Then we focused on the brick-and-mortar shop. But now, we are working on a new tee collection that we will soon launch. And we are also developing new products. For us, it is of utmost importance that each product we launch passes strict endurance/resistance and quality tests. We make each item like it’s for ourselves. For sure, we will surprise you with new stuff before October.

Would you like to add any comments or messages to our followers ?

We really want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank each and everyone who helped us with their support, their work, and made us to be on the market. They know very well who they are !

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