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Employee Canarias monitors the interests of tourism sector workers

Are you an employee or worker in the tourism sector in Gran Canaria ? Are you dismissed, discriminated or you do not receive your salary ? Employee Canarias monitors your interests regardless of sector and in your language. Join now !

Being an employee in the tourism sector is not always easy, even in Gran Canaria, and sometimes many difficulties could appear on your way. For example, too many working hours by week or by day, the absence of contract, non-respect of holidays or paid holidays, conflicts, problems, and even worse...

In the Canary Islands, there are about 50,000 employees in the tourism sector who do not have a Spanish background and ignore the laws governing working conditions. However, in Spain, like in most European countries, there are rules and collective agreements to follow. In Gran Canaria, employment contracts are, in most cases, handled by a so-called gestoria, or asesoria, which can be translated to payroll management agency. These agencies know the regulations but are in most cases hired to protect the employer's interests, and not yours as an employee.

Employee Canarias : Your safety at the workplace and your support in the labor market

If you are an employee or worker in the Gran Canaria tourism sector, you may be interested in joining Employee Canarias, an organization whose goal is to support you and enforce your rights in your workplace and with your employer. As a member, you always have an advisor behind you, someone to turn to, whether you have a simple question or end up in a difficult situation at work. Does your employer follow the collective agreement ? Have you got the right employment contract ? Do you receive the right salary ? Have you been able to take your vacation ? You will get the answers to theses questions and many more.

In Employee Canarias, advisors and lawyers are experts in the agreements and laws that apply to tourism workers. They have the knowledge and resources to support employees in their workplace, help fight for their rights, and keep track of obligations, laws, and regulations in working life. They know your rights and can represent you if needed, in many cases, such as if you are dismissed, discriminated, or do not receive your salary. You can also contact them for advice on your terms of employment and other issues related to working life or other work-related issues.

You can join Employee Canarias and become a member for only 15 € per month (minimum 12 months) or 20 € if you choose the premium membership (minimum 6 months). In addition, you get access to a range of benefits that make the membership even more valuable, for example, some discounts with various partners like Pizza Hut, CanPark, or Smartbox. Visit their website for more details and subscribe, an agent will contact you within 24 hours. You can also call for an appointment and stop by the office in Playa del Inglés, where they always have the coffee ready to welcome you and answer your questions !

Employee Canarias

Avenida de Tirajana, 37 Edificio Mercurio, Torre 1, Floor 3, Door J

35100 Playa del Inglés. +34 691 052 058

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