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Warm & Brüderlich, breakfast and brunch everyday, all day long

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Warm & Brüderlich cafeteria is the new project of three friends and partners from Cologne, Germany. There are Charly, Tom, and Jessie, and they welcome you every day in a cozy ambiance to enjoy delicious brunch and breakfast all day long.

Warm Bruderlich Playa del Ingles Maspalomas

Warm & Brüderlich opened its doors recently, in May 2022, in the Cita Center. We met the team to ask them to introduce their business to us. They kindly accepted to answer our questions.


- Can you introduce your team ? Where are you from ? Why did you adopted Gran Canaria as your home ?

« The owners of Warm & Brüderlich are Charly and Tom Steep. They are running the café together with Jessie, a longtime employee from their restaurant projects in Cologne. All three of us are or were “Colognes” by choice ! Charly originally comes from the very north of Germany, while Tom and Jessies origin are the Black Forest, in the very south of Germany. Charly lives in Gran Canaria for two years now, Jessie recently moved to the island and Tom lives in Cologne but comes to the island as often as possible. Charly and Jessie chose Gran Canaria as their home because of the amazing community, the good vibes, the very free lifestyle, and – of course – because of Sun, Sand, and the beautiful ocean. »

Warm Bruderlich Playa del Ingles, gay cafeteria Maspalomas

- Why did you choose Cita Center as a place to open your business ? Is Warm & Brüderlich your first cafeteria ?

« We see a lot of potential in Cita Center and enjoy being a part of bringing diversity, fun, and life to Cita again. We also like the all mixed up visitors here. Another big plus is the great neighborhood and community. Warm & Brüderlich is our first project in Gran Canaria. We’ve been self-employed and busy with different restaurants and projects in Cologne for years, though. Currently we’re also owning and managing a well running Brauhaus and Hotel in Cologne, the Steep’s – Ihr Brauhaus und Hotel - which is mainly Tom's focus. »

We’re always drawn to new projects and challenges, and as all of us appreciate a delicious and individual breakfast, that was our project of choice !

- What does it mean “Warm & Brüderlich” ? Did you opt for a German name because you target German people first ?

« "Warm und brüderlich" in German means "Warm and fraternal" in English, or "Warm and brotherly". We chose this name for a bunch of reasons... First, Gran Canaria is a very warm island, for example, but our focus is definitely to transport a warm atmosphere, a heartfelt community, and a certain connectedness, as in brotherhood or sisterhood. Our name is in German more because we’re from Germany than to target German people. We want everybody to feel welcome at ours cafe and enjoy a good breakfast. »

- Tell us more about your food, what can we find in your place ? Is it possible to eat other meals than breakfast ? Do you have any specialities ?

« Our breakfast style is very contemporary, and we put a lot of effort into guaranteeing absolute freshness. We also offer as little convenience as possible and focus on homemade things instead. A healthy lifestyle plays a role as well; we’re offering a lot of different smoothies, yoghurts, fresh fruits, and so on. Another interesting thing might be that our coffee beans are imported from a small fair trade roastery in Cologne. We do offer a lot of other meals besides breakfast. Bocadillos, Sandwiches, Roasted Breads with different toppings… We do have specials during the day which we communicate daily via Facebook. For example, we bake different cakes and offer different fresh drinks depending on what kind of ingredients are available. »

- You pay a lot of attention to design and decoration; is it important to you ? What kind of atmosphere did you want to create in your café ?

« We do want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our café, but we also want to show off the tropical location we’re in. As we all like modern designs and we all like nicely decorated places, it was crystal clear to us that we wanted this for our café as well. Creating a unique atmosphere with decoration and design brings us a lot of joy ! Charlie and Tom are part of the gay community. Apart from that, we wanted to create a colorful place where everybody feels really welcome ! We’re happy and we appreciate being part of the Gran Canaria and Playa del Inglés communities and we're looking forward to doing our part in keeping Gran Canaria the wonderful, colorful, diverse, and inspiring place it is ! »

Warm & Brüderlich : Every day from 10h Cita Center, 1st floor (in front of La La Bar)

Booking : (+34) 673 11 42 21

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