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EXTREMEO - Anal sex free from pain by Meo

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Go further and deeper than you've ever imagined with your bottom with EXTREMEO. If you thought that Poppers would have helped you to get fucked easily, you will be surprised by this invention !

Anal sex free from pain. Better than poppers : Live out your biggest anal fantasies with EXTREMEO. Everything is possible with this new product : Anal sex and anal stretching without any problems ! Improved ingredient combination for unrestrained anal sex.

  • EXTREMEO is the perfect choice for anal sex novices and for pro-users of big sex toys.

  • EXTREMEO is a special product for anal sex and anal stretching. With our high quality

  • EXTREMEO the desire grows to rediscover and vary anal games - alone or with a partner.

Thanks to its combination of ingredients EXTREMEO ensures easier insertion of even the biggest dildos and butt plugs.

EXTREMEO´s special action promotes an easy penetration, and leads to relaxed and passionate anal sex. EXTREMEO is an anal spray. It nourishes the skin and relaxes the rectum in no time.

EXTREMEO acts without loss of sensation, decreases the painful sensitivity of the sphincter muscle, and helps you to unrestrained sexual ecstasy.


  • Anal Relaxant Spray

  • Relaxed anal sex

  • Perfect for very big toys

  • Ideal for anal sex novices

  • For anal stretching with or without partner

  • Suitable for fisting

  • Natural sensation

  • Nourishing properties

  • Compatible with all of MEO´s anal spreaders

  • Made in Germany


  • Spray 1-2 bursts onto the anus and let it absorb briefly. The resulting effect appears relaxing/numbing and promotes a problem-free insertion

  • EXTREMEO can be used with any personal lubricant. It's easy to handle and works rapidly! We recommend anal lubes like EZ2FUCK, MANCUNT or FUCKSLUT.


  • EXTREMEO is not compatible with latex condoms.

  • EXTREMEO is skin-friendly, fat free and water-soluble.

  • E-Z Pump 30ml or NEW Gang Bang Size 50 ml in spray bottle

16,90 € + shipping costs | Order online

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