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Maspalomas Gay Beach

The Gay Beach of Maspalomas is certainly one of the most known and renowned attractions of Gran Canaria all over the world.

Also called "kiosk nº7" because of the beach bar which sits in the middle of the sand and which bears the number 7, the Gay Beach of Maspalomas has made Maspalomas' reputation throughout the world for decades already, just as much as the famous dunes.


The Gay Beach is both an incredible cruising spot and a huge playground where you can have fun, swim, walk, enjoy the sun for hours and have a drink, in complete freedom, without thinking of anything else than the happiness of being there.

This beautiful beach of fine blond sand welcomes gay men from all over the world every day of the year and never closes. It's always very busy, and it's the perfect place to meet guys, talk, show off a perfect body or the latest fashion swimsuit in a respectful and gay-friendly environment.

On weekends all year long the beach is even busier as the island's residents travel from Las Palmas, the north and everywhere else to come and enjoy the good weather and the good atmosphere. If you want to meet Canarian men, it is the perfect time. Try it and you will see the difference ! Visiting the beach on a Tuesday is not at all the same as visiting the beach on a Saturday or Sunday...

The Gay Beach of Maspalomas is the biggest and most well-know open-air area for cruising but not only... All ages are welcome, all bodies, all nationalities and creeds. It is a open mind place, without judgment and without discrimination. You can find a service of sunbeds and parasols for rent on site, made available to you by the municipality, but the beach is not private and it is not compulsory, you can sit anywhere you want for free. The prices of rental and drinks are much lower than in other gay beaches in the world or in Europe. Note that clothing is optional and it is posible to practise nudism.

Until recently the beach kiosk was a small white wooden shed which had become very famous over time because we saw his picture everywhere, with the gay flag planted on its roof, but since the covid crisis this shed has been destroyed to make way for a new structure, another type of wood, more modern and more functional, but also less typical because it simply looks like a brown prefabricated rectangle. 

Maspalomas Gay Beach, new kiosk


The Gay Beach is located in a secluded part of Maspalomas beach, bordered by dunes and vast expanses of sand, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and hidden from passers-by and mass tourism. It offers the calm of a wild and preserved nature. There is no nautic activities and no motors noise. Only the sound of the waves will disturb your rest and maybe some music...

This precious and fragile place can be reached only by foot and there is no access by car, bus or boat. In any case, you need good shoes for walking at less 20 or 30 minutes in hot sand (avoid small sandals and walking barefoot).

You can come from the West passing by the Faro of Maspalomas (lighthouse) or coming from the Est along the sea towards Playa del Inglés. A third way is to cross the dunes from the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas, starting at the end of the Avenida de Tirajana, completly at the south of Playa del Inglés, from the "Mirador de las dunas" (remember you need to follow the path marked with wooden posts).


Once a year, the Gay Beach of Maspalomas hosts a festive event of great importance, the German Carnival, more precisely on November 11 at 11 am. At that time, and for the whole day, the beach is literally invaded by a colorful crowd of several hundred men dressed as drag queens, often wearing wigs of all colors, and outrageously made up, who come to celebrate and drink until sunset.

This tradition tends to generalize and is now spreading to other festive events such as Gay Pride, Winter Pride, Carnival or Bear Carnival. On these occasions, it is not uncommon now to see men in disguise, animated and cheerful again invading the gay beach to the delight of all.

Gay Cruising Maspalomas
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