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Gay cruising spots in Maspalomas

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Cruising is one of the favorite activities for gay men while on vacation in Maspalomas. But where to go, at what time and what places work best ? Here is the ultimate guide to gay cruising in Maspalomas, the best spots to meet guys and have sex, where to go, at what time...

Maspalomas Gay Cruising : the ultime gay guide, the best spots to meet men and have sex

Even when it comes to cruising, not everyone has the same tastes and everyone is not always looking for the same thing. Some prefer to pick up in public places, others in specialized places, some outdoors and others indoors, some seek security and others like risk. To help you make the best choice, we present to you the main cruising spots in Maspalomas, with their different characteristics.

Sex Bars

Maspalomas Gay Cruising : Sex bars guide

As in all the big gay capitals of the free world, there are many SEX BARS in Maspalomas where it is possible to fully experience your sexuality safely and legally, away from prying eyes and without risking being sentenced for an offense against public order. Sex bars are a very old tradition in Maspalomas. At the beginning of the 2000s, there used to be just a few including the famous Cellar and The Chaps. Today, there are around ten establishments in service. Sex bars usually have a central bar and several bakrooms or playrooms, as well as private cabins, lockers, and equipment such as slings or beds. Of course, not all sex bars offer the same quality and the same conditions of hygiene and cleanliness. That's why you should always inquire before entering a random bar. Some are located at Yumbo Centrum, but the most interesting and best equipped are on Avenida de Tirajana. The admission fee varies from 12 to 15 €, and it usually comes with a free drink included.

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Porn Theater

Maspalomas Gay Cruising : Porn theater / gay cinema

PORN THEATERS are not very numerous in the world today, but Maspalomas is lucky to have a real sex cinema of very good quality and well equipped. The establishment is relatively new and was only opened a few years ago. Is located in the basement of the Cita shopping center and it is open daily from early afternoon until late at night. The cinema has two beautiful rooms with comfortable armchairs and large screens. One room specializes in gay or bisexual themed movies, and the other in straight movies. All sexual orientations are welcome. It is possible to have a drink at the bar in the lobby and meet people in the backroom. It's a nice and cosy place, where you can give free rein to your sexuality, with visual stimulation, watching at spicy scenes in a welcoming and safe environment.

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Maspalomas Gay Cruising : Gay Sauna Las Palmas Gran Canaria

SAUNAS are another classic at gay cruising and a great way to meet other guys. Especially in winter, when the temperatures get cooler, a good steam bath or dry sauna is a good idea. In Gran Canaria, the tradition of saunas is not very established, and there have never been many establishments on the island. But the good news is that they can also be found in the capital, Las Palmas. In Maspalomas, there have been two or three in previous years, notably at the Cita Shopping Centre and at the Nilo Shopping Centre, but they are now closed and only one remains at the Yumbo Centrum. In Las Palmas, the Sauna Portugal is still here, and this is the best place to meet Canarian guys. Unlike gay saunas in many major cities around the world, saunas in Gran Canaria are not open at night and close relatively early in the evening, around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. However, they are open every day from the beginning of the afternoon. It is important to check the timetables before showing up.

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Public Toilettes

Maspalomas Gay Cruising Guide : Public Toilets

PUBLIC TOILETTES have been a classic gay cruising place from years in any city any country, and Maspalomas is no exception to the rule. In the seaside resort, activity is mainly concentrated in Playa del Inglés, specifically at two points : in the Yumbo Centrum and in the Cita shopping center. There are numerous toilets on all floors, and virtually all of them function as cruises. Some are more crowded than others, but it depends on the day and time. The crowd often moves from one to the other depending on the attendance and the desired atmosphere. The clientele is generally elderly and consists of foreign residents or visitors. The toilets are open every day, all day until late at night. Remember, however, that having sex in a public place is not allowed by law in Spain.


The Dunes

Maspalomas Gay Cruising Guide : Dunes of Maspalomas

For decades, the DUNES OF MASPALOMAS have made the resort famous as a place for gay cruising. The area is so vast and important that the dunes are often referred to as the "largest open-air gay cruising area in the world", nothing less than a real cruising paradise. Everyone can find something there : young and old, bisexual, fetishists, exhibitionists, etc. There is even a methodical division of space into different sectors according to the tastes and expectations of each. It is possible to hide in the many bushes or in the hollow of a path and to experience your sexuality in the open air. For more details and complete maps, just refer to the full article on the dunes of Maspalomas. Please note that the dunes are classified as a protected natural space with limited and regulated access. Since May 2020, the municipality has taken more stringent measures to control movement and prevent infractions and overflows.

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Gay Bungalow Complexes

Maspalomas Gay Cruising Guide : Gay Only Resorts and bungalows complex

The GAY BUNGALOW COMPLEXES are another of the peculiarities of Maspalomas. There are a good twenty of them spread throughout the territory of the seaside resort, in Playa del Inglés and at Campo Internacional, which makes it probably the place where they are found most in the world. Gay bungalow complexes are first and foremost places of accommodation, assimilated to hotels, and we go there, above all, to spend a few days of vacation, to relax, sunbathe, enjoy the swimming pool and sleep. But they are also excellent cruising spots, and in many of them, the activity is very intense. Indeed, can we find a better place to meet other gay men, to be able to walk around naked in complete freedom and to indulge in our sexual practices in the open air, without fear and being sure not to disturb anyone ? Not all gay resorts are so liberal and some are quite staid, but there are several that are very open and even have cruising areas, backrooms, and all the facilities you need to have a good time. In these cases, it is possible to play with the other guests of the complex, at any time of night or day, without having to pay extra and without having to leave your accommodation. And you can choose between playing outside or making yourself comfortable in your bungalow with all the necessary amenities. What more ?

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Camellos Parking Lot

Maspalomas Gay Cruising : Open-air area, camellos parking

The CAMELLOS PARKING LOT is located in the Campo internacional de Maspalomas quite at the end of the Calle Touroperador Neckermann. The avenue ends in a dead end. It is the last not prohibited zone for cuising in the dunes area and the surrendings. During the day, it is mostly a parking space. At night, from the moment the sun goes down and usually after midnight, you can experience a lot – right at the parking lot. Many locals and some tourists know this secret. It's a relatively small place, but people generally walk around and draw circles that widen around the parking, everywhere along the trails and in nature. The spot is often used by locals because of its simple accessibility. Especially on weekends or in bad weather with clouds, there is a lot going on. At noon and in the evening after work, you will find many men looking.


Gardens Yumbo Tourist Office

Maspalomas Gay Cruising : Open-air area, Yumbo gardens

The GARDENS OF THE YUMBO TOURIST OFFICE is certainly one of the older and well-known open-air cruising places in Maspalomas. It is a vast area located in the eastern part of Yumbo, close to the main access, the parking lot, and the tourist information office. Even if today, the place is not as frequented as before, it is still a good spot. You can see a lot of people there from midnight on, but the rush hour is mainly in the wee hours of the morning when the bars close and the revelers leave the Yumbo. It is possible to meet men and go with them. Recently, the municipality has taken measures to avoid vagrancy and sex on site, increasing the lighting and removing dark areas.


Maspalomas Gay Beach

Maspalomas Gay Cruising : Open-air area, Maspalomas Gay Beach

Open-air cruising areas have always been popular with gay men. And in Maspalomas even more, thanks to the good weather and the beautiful temperatures in the south of Gran Canaria in winter and summer. The MASPALOMAS GAY BEACH is probably the biggest and most well-known open-air area for cruising. This beautiful beach of fine blond sand welcomes gay men from all over the world every day of the year and never closes. It's very busy, and it's the perfect place to meet guys, legally and in a welcoming and gay-friendly environment. Of course, we're talking about flirting and dating outdoors, but not having sex in public. Read more : Kiosk nº7, the Maspalomas Gay Beach


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