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The dunes of Maspalomas on Gran Canaria are a cruising heaven, apparently the best in the world.

The dunes of Maspalomas are unique in the world. They are one of the main attractions of Gran Canaria and annually attract millions of tourists. Seems to be the biggest outdoor cruising area in the world, for gays, bi's and straight.


Firstly, it is a nature reserve of unique beauty and size. Covering an area of approximately 4.5 square kilometers, one finds dunes and scrub areas that are located directly on the Atlantic Ocean. One can observe nature and wildlife, while hiking for hours. Either directly by the sea, through the dunes or through bush and forest areas.


Secondly, the dunes of Maspalomas are probably the largest outdoor cruising area in the world. A Mecca for gay tourists and straight Swingers from all over Europe. All year round you can find like-minded people looking for casual sex adventures. Most of the dunes are a nudist area. That means both hiking and cruising is possible without clothing. Also unique is the gay beach at the kiosk Nr. 7 which is right next to the hetero beach. Both are nudist beaches and a paradise for lovers of nudism.


The dunes of Maspalomas offer something for everyone. Either you just want to visit the gay or hetero beaches then there are direct routes through the dunes or along the beach and you will arrive in 20 to 30 minutes. The cruising areas will not interest you any further then.


Many men combine. Then the longer cruising route is taken on the way to the beach. Often some first great contacts already happen in the morning or at noon. After that you can enjoy some time on the sun bed or directly in the sand and take another cruise-tour later in the afternoon.


There are also many men and couples who do not go to the beach. Either they move all the time through various areas or seek a strategic place in the dunes. There they wait for passing by men and couples, and see what comes up.


Gay tourists visiting Gran Canaria for the first time should reid this and either those that want to explore previously undiscovered secrets deeper. Gran Canaria attracts people of all ages. Not only young people but especially a mature crowd into old age. The area and the diversity of individual cruising areas is overwhelming.


There are seven completely different gay areas that are up to two kilometers apart. Because you tend to lose track without guidance. Some regions will possibly never be discovered. This plan provides an accurate description of the outdoor cruising opportunities in the dunes of Maspalomas. But please, you should takes into account changes with new restrictions and a new restricted area, which was fenced off in summer 2020 by the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.


From summer 2020, the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana has decided to restrict traffic in the dunes and watch the offenders. Some people have received penalty fees as a result of the infractions.


Both gay men as well as hetero-swingers not only enjoy the many cruising possibilities but also the freedom to do so without fear. Spain is one of the few countries where sex in public is not generally prohibited. So if you come across a policeman on a buggy in the dunes, you have to have no fear. On the contrary – often the policeman is looking for thieves who seek after easy targets.


The Dunes of Maspalomas cover an area of about 4.5 square kilometers. In width they are about 3 km and in depth from the Atlantic to the residential areas of about 1.5 km. There are three different ways to reach the cruising areas and walk to the beach.

From Mirador Riu Palace – Playa del Inglés :


The most famous trail starts from behind hotel Riu Palace from the Mirador. This observation deck was redesigned in the fall of 2014. You go first through a public passage through the hotel. At the end you will be expected by a magnificent view over the entire dunes of Maspalomas. It becomes clear how gigantic the dimensions are. You can park in a side street from the hotel behind the apartment house Los Aguacates. The parking lot is located on Calle Finlandia leading away from Avenida de Alemania. Parking is free of charge. The path to the viewing platform behind the hotel takes about three minutes. From the Mirador you start the way to the dunes. Either via the direct route, which takes about 30 minutes without stopping. Or you can choose the cruising route. In this case, keep to the right and walk directly toward the first cruising area (Gay 1). Including stops, you should allow at least one hour for this cruising variant, until you reach the beach.


From Faro / Charca – Maspalomas :


The path of Maspalomas is a little less cumbersome and faster. Maspalomas is easily reached by bus or by taxi. There is also a huge car parking facility although not free. The lighthouse is the landmark of Maspalomas. The direct route to the gay or hetero-nudist beach begins, however, on the promenade that goes along the so-called Charca. Tell the taxi driver you want to go to Charca. The Charca is a small lake that is separated from the sea. It contains a unique flora and fauna. Behind it is the new restricted area, which was fenced off in the fall of 2014. In this restricted area you will also find the dunes. From the Charca promenade the gay and hetero beaches can be reached in about 20 minutes. The trail leads all the time along the sea and is less cumbersome than the paths through the dunes. This return is recommended especially in the evening at sunset, with stunning photo opportunities.

Parking Lot Camellos – Campo de Golf :


The parking lot Camellos behind the golf course in Maspalomas is relatively small. It is therefore quickly filled but free. From there it is a few minutes into the first cruising area (Gay 6), which is also often used by locals because of the simple accessibility. Adjoining is another cruising area (Gay 5). There, men like to spend the whole day and look for a strategic spot. If you walk further, you will pass the big dune. Then you come directly to the hetero swinger area. Then you pass a further gay cruising area (Gay 3) and finally end at the hetero and gay beach. For this varied cruising route, you should allow at least one hour. If you go more directly, we make it to the beach in 30 minutes.


Route Combination And Fitness :


You can also combine the various routes. For example, it is attractive to park at the Riu Palace in the morning and  go towards Faro in the evening. By taxi it goes back to the parking lot at the Rio Palace. Or you can park behind the golf course at the Camellos and then on way back walk towards Riu Palace. Then, take a taxi back to the Aparcamiento Camellos. The different routes can be combined very well. So you can discover the whole cruising, nature and swimming area of the dunes of Maspalomas in a few days. As a general rule. All the exciting aspects of cruising are great. But one is active while also athletic. Very easy you will exceed the recommended 10,000 steps per day. You can keep cruising and keep yourself fit. Older men enjoy this interesting combination. 


Because they are very different types of men, they are also different gay cruising aereas in the dunes. Not less than seven specific spots ! Let's take about this. Some men only prefer a certain area, and will never be found elsewhere. Others like to explore all areas. Some men move between the different gay cruising worlds depending on your mood. Still others, especially bi men, find their adventures in the gay areas as well as at the hetero swingers.


Gay 1 – Cathedral :

The first area, coming on the way from the Mirador Riu Palace, is the so-called cathedral. You can find gay men from almost every age group. However, in the afternoon there will be more younger and middle-aged men. The area is located at the beginning of the cruising route. Therefore, almost all Dunes visitors walk through it once. Even those men who really want to stay in another cruising area later on. That is why it is the most exciting often around noontime. Many men are still in high spirits and really looking for some fun. In the evening there are many just curious men who just want to look and want to stay dressed. Many have already found their fun and are rather bored. This is not necessarily always conducive to the exciting atmosphere. This cruising area is called “cathedral” because it is overgrown in many places by trees. As a result, smaller tree-caves have formed. You can also search a place and spend the whole day in this area. This is especially recommended if it is more cloudy or windy. This applies to all cruising areas. Especially on those less sunny days, there are many men in the dunes. Then it is often empty at the beach. On very sunny days, some cruising areas are often less frequented. Many men will prefer the beach. All alone you will never be in the dunes, however. Interesting contacts can always be made.


Gay 2 – Mixed :

The second gay cruising area adjoins the cathedral and is somewhat smaller. There you will find middle-aged men and occasionally also younger gays. There are also many sunny and sheltered places. If you leave this area you will reach a large open space with scattered bush groups. Some days it can be very windy there.


Gay 3 – Thorn Bush :

While crossing the large open area can find scattered men lying. These men, who prefer these areas, are generally older. This open space and the subsequent thorn bush is not very popular in young gay men. The thorn bush takes its name from the particular vegetation. Prickly shrubs with long sharp thorns, through which one makes its way. Some care is indeed advisable, otherwise one can easily get pierced into sensitive parts. This cruising area is less forested than the cathedral and so much sunnier. There you can find many attractive places, but these are quickly occupied. Overall, the audience there is much older. Mostly between 50 and 70. For men who are into older gay men this is a paradise. You can very easily meet older, hairy, stocky and not obviously gay-looking men. This is quite unique in the world. It is also one of the cruising areas, which is closest to the beach. Therefore, many beach lovers go there in the afternoon for a shorter cruising excursion before they go back to the beach. For such a short cruising trip, you should allow about an hour.


Gay 4 – Bisex :

Right next to the thorn bush is an area that is still closer to the hetero beach. It is located between the beach and the swinger cruising area. Bisexual men often frequent this area. You can also find married family men or straight swingers there. Men who are into discrete and spontaneous men sex too but will not be found in the gay cruising areas otherwise.


Gay 5 – The Valley :

Behind the big dune is the so-called valley. Meanwhile, this area is unfortunately completely in the exclusion zone. This is regrettable, since this is a very attractive gay cruising area. In this area you usually find very different men, as in the cruising areas located near the Riu Palace (Gay 1 and Gay 2). Especially locals prefer this area too. There are very nice places that offer advantages especially when the wind is strong. The great dune holds off the East wind.

Gay 6 – Camellos :

Walking from the valley in the direction of the golf course, you get to another cruising area. This is very close to the parking lot Camellos and easy to reach from there. Therefore, this area is very popular with locals, who roam mostly clothed. Especially on weekends, or in bad weather with clouds, there is a lot going on. At noon and in the evening after work, you will find many men looking. Geographically, the area is very charming and located on a dune. Sometimes there are similar places as in the cathedral, which are overgrown by trees. Even in the twilight, there is still a lot going on


Gay 7 – Parking Lot Camellos :

During the day, the parking lot Camellos is only a parking space. From there you can start the route to the beach through the various cruising areas. Or you stay all day in the cruising areas Gay 5 and Gay 6. At night, usually after midnight, you also can experience a lot – right at the parking lot. Many locals and some tourists know this secret.

Conclusion :


The dunes of Maspalomas are unique. The possibilities for different experiences are nearly endless. Either you just want to enjoy the scenery and take the direct route to the beach. Or you want to experience the many outdoor cruising options. Nowhere in the world there are so many different cruising areas in one spot. Specific areas for younger gay men, for middle-aged baby boomers, mature seniors, for bi men and straight swinger couples.

Article written from the page FitOlderMan.

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