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Dunas Map WhatsApp Channel, a new way to keep in touch with Maspalomas

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Dunas Map is proud to introduce a brand new channel on WhatsApp available for free anytime, wherever you are in the world. This exclusive channel is a total private way to keep in touch with Maspalomas and know everything about the gay scene and gay tourism in Gran Canaria.

Dunas Map WhatsApp Channel, the new way to keep in touch with the Maspalomas gay scene

Welcome to the Dunas Map WhatsApp channel, a simple, reliable, and private way to receive important updates from the gay scene in Maspalomas, right within WhatsApp. There, you will have the opportunity to read news about gay tourism, discover places and businesses, meet the people who make up the local community, and learn more about gastronomic, cultural, and leisure recommendations. All the information we publish is selected especially for you by our team.

A new private way to keep in touch with the Maspalomas gay scene

Dunas Map Media's channel on WhatsApp is a confidential space. We do not have access to your telephone number or your personal data. Your name, nickname, and profile photo won’t be shown to followers. Nobody knows what you do, what you read or who you are. Everything is private. You can intervene freely and react to our publications in complete anonymity, using the classic emoticons. No more. Who you decide to do is your choice, and it’s private.

WhatsApp Channels are a one-to-many broadcast service, separate from private messaging, designed to help people follow information from people and organizations that are important to them. Please note that, news posted on the WhatsApp channel only remains online for up to 30 days, they are automatically deleted after that. WhatsApp does not store the message indefinitely. So, it is therefore very important to consult the channel regularly to stay informed at all times.

Dunas Map WhatsApp Channel, the new way to keep in touch with the Maspalomas gay scene

Subscribe for free and activate the notification to stay informed

Dunas Map WhatsApp Channel is separate from your chats with family, friends, and communities. To access the channels panel, you just have to click the "Updates" icon button at the top of the main app page. Then, you will find a searchable directory where you can look for Dunas Map, writing our name in the field. You can also subscribe using the direct link below. It is very simple, quick, and totally free.

When you subscribe to our channel, the notification option is disabled by default. If you want to stay informed about new posts and the actuality of the Maspalomas gay scene, we recommend not forgetting to activate the notifications. To do this, you just have to tab on the ring icon at the top of the page. Then you will receive a mobile notification each time we publish a post or any information. It is very convenient and helpful. Keep in touch with Maspalomas, subscribe for free.

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