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Gay Men Maspalomas, a private Facebook group by Dunas Map

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Dunas Map has now a new Facebook Group entirely dedicated to gay men in Maspalomas. Join us and meet new guys, share your photos, tell about your holidays or projects in Maspalomas, learn about tourism, visit or travel, and much more...

"Gay Men Maspalomas" : Private Facebook Group by Dunas Map

Wanna meet Gay Men in Maspalomas ? Dunas Map has lauched a new group in Facebook just for you. This group was born to allow gay men to meet other gay men in Maspalomas. It's called Gay Men Maspalomas. If you are a traveller, a tourist, an occasional resident or a long term resident in Maspalomas or Playa del Inglés, you are welcome to join this page. Gay Men Maspalomas is also here to help you to get more information about gay tourism in Gran Canaria. Wanna learn more about the gay community in Maspalomas ? You will find thare all the info and tips you need to enjoy your stay.


Whatever your project is, you can publish a announce and describe what you are looking for, who you want to meet, what are your goals, your needs, your dreams, your aspirations. Whether it's a travel companion, a casual encounter, friendship, dating, a sports partner, a roomate, a business partner, for coworking or simply to go to the beach or have a drink together, feel free to express yourself. Share your photos, tell about your holidays or projects in Maspalomas and much more... Get the best of Maspalomas with Gay Men Maspalomas and Dunas Map.


Dating, fun, coming out, parties, beach, travel, coworking, sports partner, roomate... Dunas Map is here to help people conecting people. Just become a member of the group and publish your announce for free. Be as specific as possible. You can add to your post, the dates of your stay in Maspalomas, pictures of you, a description of your tastes, your activities or hobbies, what you are looking for, and anything else you think might be useful. You can also ask questions if you need information in any area.


For more convenience and privacy, the group is private so only members can see your perfil and your posts. You can express yourself freely and without fear. Group administrators regularly offer discussions, polls, surveys or questionnaires on various topics of interest. Free your speech and take part in our discussions. So don`t be shy and just ask to join us.

Enjoy and see you soon there !

* * *

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