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Gay Oriented Marketing in Maspalomas and Gran Canaria : why Dunas Map is your best choice

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Wanna promote your brand, product or place to thousands of travellers and residents in Gran Canaria and all over the world ? Dunas Map offers a local and international visibility for any activity or business, but especialy those intended for gay men.

Advertise in Dunas Map, Maspalomas Gay Marketing

You have a business to promote ? You are a self-employed or a services provider ?Our advertising services are specially designed for you. Join Dunas Map, a powerful communication tool offering simultaneous actions in a wide range of advertising medium.

Founded in 2008, Dunas Map counts many years of experience and enjoys a high acceptance rate in the gay community. Many local or international brands, stores, events, restaurants, bars, accommodation and websites use to trust Dunas Map to achieve better results and increase their sales.

Why choosing Dunas Map ?

Maspalomas is located in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), internationally known as the Gay Destination Number 1 in Europe, that’s why we are the perfect advertiser partner for business designed for gay people in and out the island. Dunas Map is used by tourists and residents all year long, so you can reach at the same time thousands of local gay men but also visitors from many countries in Europe and outside.

Enjoy the benefits of a gay guide

Gay men are a grateful and engaged community, they use to give preference to establishments that advertise themselves in an gay identified medium and that presents itself as openly gay or gay friendly. Gay men appreciate and valored businesses that economically support the interests of the LGBT community. It gives to them a sense of security and they feel more accepted and respected. This is why investing in an advertisement published in a gay guide has never been more essential and more profitable than ever, for any business, whether in the short or medium term. Gay tourists prefer to buy products and visit businesses gay-owned or gay-managed, let them know that you are one of those !

A Perfect Target Group, already selected for you

Our target group is 100% gay. It's about men mainly between 35 and 65 years old, speaking several languages, with high purchasing power, loving to travel, go out, have fun and interested by food, music, fashion, design and cultural events. Our readers and followers are identified with the gay community and are proud of it. Many of them belong or are adept to specific groups like bear or fetish. They love to stay informed about the latest trends, products and related activities, meetings or parties going on. Advertise in Dunas Map will help you to reach all of them, quickly and easily.

International Impact, many countries at once

Every week, all year long, thousands of gay men visit Maspalomas, coming from more than 15 europeans different countries, and even from further afield, like from United States, Canada, North Africa or Latin America. Advertising in Dunas Map gives you a large visibility, well outside the island. Don't waste time and money publishing in different magazines, speack to the whole world from Gran Canaria in just once, and get the international impact you are looking for. As easy as that !

Pay less for best results

Been Canary Islands a special tax zone, foreign customers are exempt from VAT and local customers pay only 7% of IGIC instead of more than 20% elsewhere in Europe. With Dunas Map, get a better price than with any other international gay magazine. What's more, the duration of our subscriptions is always for a minimum of three months to enable you to achieve your objectives and reach the maximum number of customers, so you get more with your money and for a longer time than with a just one-month publication.

Dunas Map Maspalomas Gay Guide, advertise, marketing.

What we do ? How it works ?

For maximum efficiency and ever greater impact, Dunas Map uses a wide range of different advertising medium, all complementary to each other, and acts on them at the same time. We offers complete combos from the simplest to the most complete, including one, two or three mediums according to the needs of the customer. You decide what you want. You can choose just a digital pack (100% Internet) or a mixed pack (printed map + Internet), you can choose also only the printed map, only the app, only the comunity manager services or only press articles in our blog and magazine. It's up to you !

Discover our advertising medium

  • Printed Paper Map :

Our traditional printed paper map published every 3 months and distribued in more than 100 points in the seaside resort with your business located on the map and listed in the legend with a color code. You can choose between 2 add sizes : Medium or Large.

  • Blog :

We compose a complete promotional 500 words articles about your brand, product or establishment, including pictures, links and SEO, and we share it in Internet and social networks.

  • Website :

Your business is listed on the interactive Google Map (find easily your location in the city) and in the Advertisers Directory (with a complete description, picture, classification and link). You can also ask for some additional promotional banners.

  • Social networks :

We act as your own private community manager, we create content about your business (picture, text, video) and we share it in our social networks (Facebook + X + Instagram + YouTube + Gay Men Maspalomas Group + Whatsapp Channel). We give more audience and more impact to your news, info, discounts or events.

  • Magazine :

Dunas MaG is the exclusive brand new deluxe magazine by Dunas Map, especialized in Gay Tourism in Gran Canaria, with a new issue every 3 months. We can publish advertises or full articles about your business, on several pages, with pictures, text and a lot of details. Dunas Mag is available for free in Internet.

  • App :

A free app for smartphones and tablets, Android or Apple, offering a complete Maspalomas gay guide and including a description of your business with text and pictures, classification, ubication on maps and link. You can also ask for a specific promotional campaign with push notifications, ads or banners.

Interested ? Check our Advertise Page for more information and learn more about our different combos, or contact us to and tell us what you need. We always find a way to fit your budget and meet your expectations.


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