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IMSEI Clinic, more than 30 years of experience in aesthetic medicine

Updated: May 27

IMSEI Clinic is a pioneering medical center in the fields of aesthetic medicine in Gran Canaria, offering different types of treatments for men, including penis thickening, buttocks remodeling, hair transplants, fat removal, and regenerative medicine. The clinic has been welcoming gay customers for many years at the Yumbo Centre.

Imsei Clinic Aesthetic medicine for men Yumbo Centre

IMSEI Clinic has been founded and is managed by Dr Hector Moscoso Rosas. Today, it's about a group of three medical centers, all specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery and regenerative medicine, at the same time for the face and body. We met the director, and he told us more about his professional background and the specific services that clients can benefit from.

The adventure began in 1991 in Barcelona, which at that time brought together the innovative knowledge of aesthetic medicine from European currents (France, Italy, and Spain) with the American ones (Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela), where the higher degree in aesthetic medicine's first specialization course was held, of which Dr. Hector Moscoso Rosas was a student.

A doctor with a long family tradition in different areas of general medicine and aesthetic medicine

Dr. Hector Moscoso Rosas comes from a long family tradition of doctors : his father, Dr. Rubén Moscoso Nieto, pathologist and forensic doctor of the Peruvian investigative police; his mother, Dr. Nelly Rosas Fernández, Clinical Analyst; and his brother, Dr. Rubén Moscoso Rosas, Physician Aesthetic. They have formed a connection since childhood with medicine and good professional practice.

Imsei Clinic Aesthetic medicine for men Yumbo Centre

A clinic with specialist staff, qualified, attentive, and at the cutting edge of knowledge

Dr. Moscoso, with a tradition dating back to 1991, has a degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Barcelona, a master's degree in aesthetic medicine from the University of the Balearic Islands, a master's degree in aesthetic surgery from Rey Juan Carlos University, and a master's degree in regenerative medicine and therapy cells from the Catholic University of Murcia.

Currently, the IMSEI Clinic is made up of excellent medical professionals such as Dr. Ana Williams, an aesthetic and regenerative physician; Dr. Anabel Company, an aesthetic and regenerative physician; and Dr. Cristian Almeda, a plastic surgeon.

An institution specializing in all types of traditional men's aesthetics for the face and body

IMSEI Clinic is a reference center with extensive experience and covers all aspects of beautification medicine as well as cell therapy techniques for tissue regeneration. In the male field, they perform all treatments, from hair loss, hair transplant, penis thickening, double chin lipolaser, laser lipomarking, as well as the most common and classic botox, hyaluronic acid for lips and chin, facial masculinization, rhino-modeling, mole treatment, lipomas, cysts, etc. 

Imsei Clinic, aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments for men at the Yumbo Centre.

At IMSEI Clinic, we know what we do. Professionalism, results, and closeness are what characterize us.

They highlight non-surgical facial endo lifting and blepharoplasty, buttock lipofilling, buttock push-ups with polylactic acid, and a long etcetera. They have several locations on Gran Canaria, one in the city of Las Palmas, another in the famous Yumbo Centre in Playa del Inglés, and a new one in San Agustín. 

The medical center at the Yumbo Centre is particularly suited to meet the needs of gay men. You can find there specific anti-ageing treatments like lifting, injections, peeling; but also liposuction, and much more.

Imsei Clinic Aesthetic medicine for men Yumbo Centre

Gay community, a clientele of capital importance to which it offers privileged care and treatment

For IMSEI Clinic, the gay community is very important, hence the reason for having a consultation in the Yumbo Centre. The philosophy is to provide a better service to the group with gay-friendly treatment and specializing in specific therapies for them, with Botox, Hyaluronic Acid, and endolifting facial treatments being the most requested by this loved clientele.


Yumbo Centre, 4th floor (above the pharmacy)

Open Monday to Friday

Booking :  +34 928 770 530 / +34 609 225 303


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