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Meo Milking Machine for Him - Sex Machine

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

This machine sucks and works your throbbing cock until you can’t hold on any longer. Thousands of satisfied customers refer to it as the ‟milking machine for the penis“, because it brings EVERYBODY to the climax – if you want to or not. It sucks away until the very last drop.

The Meo Milking Machine is a self-stimulation machine specially developed for men and works like it was created by a god of masturbation.

The operation of this machine is developed so that the milking machine works independently - you don´t have to do anything. As expected from a device called the Milking Machine it milks every man until the climax.

It has two different cylinders and lots of accessories. We developed this milking machine for one purpose: to pamper you, to caress you, to suck you – in short: to stimulate you until orgasm.

This multi-speed machine houses everything you need discreetly in the top. Just plug the hose into the cylinder and use the dial to control how fast or slow you want it. Two cylinders are included. The first is specially designed to suck your shaft, at nearly 9 inches long and lined with supple rubber for a tight seal. The smaller cylinder is for more targeted pleasure, such as your cock head or even the clitoris or nipples.

The feeding and suction of air inside the cylinder create impressive up-and-down-movements. Thanks to this technique you will reach an orgasm without even touching yourself. Because of this impressive quality, the milking machine is quite popular amongst fans of bondage and self-bondage. Even after reaching orgasm, the machine will continue working and bring you to the next orgasm and the next.

Discover all the advantages of this machine !

  • The milking machine for him is always prepared and gets never tired.

  • The milking machine is a great training aid to prevent premature ejaculation.

  • Because of the vaccum in the cylinder the milking machine can enlarge the penis.

  • The machine is easy to handle and easy to clean.

  • You can use the milking machine in any position (laying, sitting, standing).

  • You can use the milking machine together with your partner by letting them control the speed and intensity.

  • Perfect during bondage or self-Bondage for forced climaxes.

The Milking machine includes 2 hoses, 3 hose plugs, 2 cylinders, remote control, ACDC converter, cable with plug, instruction manual.

The regular price is 899 € >> take advantage of our special offer and get 350 € off !

Now : 549 € + shipping costs | Order online


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