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Scandals Canarias, sex shop and erotica boutique at the Cita Centre

Updated: Mar 19

Scandals is one of the Gran Canaria's biggest sex shop and an erotic treasure trove for Maspalomas' gay community, more than just a store – it's a vibe ! We met Dani and Matt, the Swiss-Brazilian dynamic duo owners and steering this impressive ship open for over eight years now.

Scandals Canarias, sexshop at the Cita Shopping Centre

Hello guys, can you introduce yourselves ? Who are you ?

Hey there, fabulous folks ! We're Dani and Matt, two Swiss-Brazilian partners, running the Scandals Canarias store, your trendy spot at the ground floor of the Cita Shopping Centre, spreading over a cool 200 m² – talk about making a splash ! As your Ultimate Destination for Sex and Fun, we promise an array of goodies that will tickle your fancy. From naughty to nice, we've got sex toys, cock rings, stylish shirts, shorts, and those irresistible little extras. Trust us, we've got your back... and front !

What can we find in Scandals Canarias ? And for who ?

We've got party gear, playful sex toys, lingerie, chic shorts, T-shirts, swimwear, and those naughty aphrodisiacs that'll keep the party going. Whether you're a swinger, fetish fan, or part of our fabulous gay community (yes, we're proudly waving that rainbow flag too ! ), we've got something special just for you. This Christmas, get ready for a dazzling expansion of our collection. Picture more sex toys, more party wear, and, oh yes, the sexiest fetish wear, shorts, undies, and swim trunks on this side of the Atlantic.

Do you have a special commitment to your customers ? And what is it ?

Our commitment it to offer only the best, at prices that'll have you doing a double-take. We're talking exclusive Brazilian designs and brands that'll spice up your style. While we toyed with the idea of going digital, we realized nothing beats the thrill of a real-deal shopping experience, especially for our vacationing visitors.

And guess what ? We're now open from 10 am to midnight, every single day ! A last-minute party needs ? We've got your back. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Yumbo, Scandals is the place to be. And here's a thought: with all this fabulous space, why not share the love ? We want to sprinkle some fresh magic on Scandals.

You used to live in Brazil for years, and you traveled to many countries. What did you learn about gay men or men’s sexuality that could help in your work ?

Globetrotters at heart, we have explored the world, from the vibrant streets of Berlin, Malta, New York and Miami, to the colorful corners of Brazil. Everywhere we go, we dive into the local gay scene, making friends and embracing the unique vibes of each community. We've seen how different the gay scene can be across Europe and Latin America. In places where machismo still lingers, we've found that many men, not openly gay, are often the majority on apps like Grindr and Tinder. So, when in Gran Canaria, make Scandals a must-visit on your adventure list. Come for the fun, stay for the fabulousness !

Scandals Canarias

Cita Shopping Centre (Ground Floor)

Open everyday, from 10h to 24h

Booking : (+34) 673 11 42 21


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