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Smartbox, say goodbye to your storage problems in Maspalomas

We all need space to store our things ! With Smartbox, storage is no longer a problem in Maspalomas. Smartbox gives you an easy way to stock your belongings, large and small, in convenient and protected warehouses at very affordable prices.

Smartbox, personal storage in Maspalomas

Today, the lack of space has become one of the most important problems for all of us, especially in the south of Gran Canaria, for example, if you have to travel, if you don't have your own place, or if you don't have enough space in your house.

Where should I put all the stuff I don't need on a daily basis ? Where should I store my sports equipment, my old roller blades that I no longer use, and my winter clothes that are too warm for my life in the sun ? Where should I store my suitcases when I'm away from Gran Canaria for a few months and know that I'm coming back and that I want to find my things there on my return ? It's impossible to do the turtle and still carry everything on my back !!

Fortunately, there is now a new and economical solution : The easy storage by Smartbox !

Smartbox is the perfect solution to store your belongings in Maspalomas, whether it's about luggage, bicycles, boards, boxes, furniture, equipments... Everything is possible except perishable food and live animals. Smartbox puts at your disposal two storage warehouses, one in San Fernando de Maspalomas (in the Eurocenter Shopping Centre) and another in El Tablero, each with dozens of individual spaces for rent. They are easy to find, close to the heart of the city, and can be reached by car.

You could choose between various sizes and prices :

· In San Fernando, the small one is 25 € / month for 1,3m x 0.6m height : 1m (great for suitcases !), and the big one is 45 € / month for 2,25 m² (1,5m x 1,5m height: 1.9m).

· In El Tablero, the small one is 55 € / month for 3m² and the big one is 75 € / month for 6 m².

Here is all sizes available and the corresponding prices :

Smartbox, personal storage in Maspalomas

All facilities have responsibility insurance and live video surveillance. You can be reassured and sleep on both ears.

To book your storage, you just have to follow a few simple steps :

1 - Visit the Smartbox website at

2 - Pick a location (San Fernando or El Tablero) and a size of space (small or big)

3 - Pay your subscription on line (with a card or Apple Pay)

4 - Follow the instructions you will receive by email and go there to store your belongings.

Please note that for even more security, you will have to bring your own lock. Don't wait to check the website to book your storage and feel free to call if you have any questions. Say goodbye to your storage problems with Smartmox !

☎ (+34) 828 78 91 92 |


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