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Bar Junior, smile and good vibes at the Yumbo Centre, Maspalomas

Updated: Jan 9

Junior has been a well-known gay bar at the Yumbo Centre for many years. There is now a new owner's team in place with great smiles, full energy, and many projects. We met them, and they agreed to answer our questions.

Bar Junior, gay bar, Yumbo center, Maspalomas

Hello guys, could you introduice yourselves ?

We are Matt and Víctor, an Englishman and a Canarian who have embarked on a shared journey in both life and business. Víctor is a French teacher, while Matt serves as the Sales Director for a Hotel Group in Mogan. Víctor hails from Gran Canaria, his lifelong home, whereas Matt, born in Worcester, England, made the move to Gran Canaria 15 years ago, drawn by the island's climate, its people, and the prevailing spirit of tolerance.

You have chosen Bar Junior; why this one in particular ?

Since June 2022, we have proudly assumed ownership of Bar Junior, a place that held special significance for both of us even before our paths crossed. This deep-rooted connection, coupled with the illustrious reputation of this Yumbo institution, drove our decision to carry forward the legacy crafted by Dieter and Jeffrey over the past 19 years. The strategic placement within the Yumbo Centre played a pivotal role in our choice. Drawing from our combined experience in the tourism sector—Víctor's four-year tenure as manager at a well know Gay Complex and Matt's ongoing role as Sales Manager in tourism —we stand equipped to guide Junior into its new era.

Tell us more about the specificities of the bar ?

Junior finds its home within the dynamic Six Pack Zone, comprising five bars and a restaurant. Together with our neighbours, the Six Pack Zone hosts world famous parties at Gay Pride in May, Winter Pride as well as our New Summer Edition in August.

Did you make changes to the bar ?

In the wake of our acquisition, we embarked on a transformation of the interior, reflecting our personalities and our vision for the rejuvenated Junior. Our customer demographics have transitioned from predominantly Dutch and German patrons to a more global spectrum, including Swedes, Norwegians, English, and locals. We are in the process of modernising our outdoor furniture, which will be completed in November.

What about your drinks menu and your cocktails ?

Within Junior, an expansive cocktail repertoire takes center stage, composed exclusively of premium liquors and quality products. We integrate elements from our garden near Cercados de Espino. Our crowning achievement, the Pornstar Martini, is crafted using homegrown passion fruit. Regrettably, food service is not feasible due to space constraints precluding a kitchen.

Are you committed to the gay community in any way ?

Dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community, we actively support emerging initiatives like Check Point, a project where we stand as founding sponsors.

Bar Junior

Yumbo Centre, Groundfloor

Open daily from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am


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