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Bunker Gran Canaria : the gay men bar at the Yumbo closed its doors

This is the end for Bunker Gran Canaria at the Maspalomas Yumbo Centre ; the gay men cruising bar closed its doors definitivly on Saturday, December 9th, 2023, at the same time as Kiki Bar.

Bunker Gran Canaria, gay cruising bar Yumbo Maspalomas

Located on the main square of the Yumbo, at ground floor level, Bunker Gran Canaria used to be one of the major gay men cruising bars and sexclubs at Maspalomas for more than eleven years.

The management of the bar has announced the news of the closing through a post published on Facebook. Bunker Gran Canaria closes its door at the same time as Kiki Bar, a small cocktail terrace bar located on the same premises. Both bars are property of the Igon Canaries society. The company argued financial difficulties and problems with the owner to justify the closing.

Unfortunately, due to a new landlord and new lease terms, to the amount of 15k a month rent and requiring a one-year deposit in advanced, continuing in our current space has become unviable. That's a lot of beer you have to sell to make that sort of money back !

Bunker Gran Canaria, gay cruising bar Yumbo Maspalomas

This unexpected closing is a big trouble for two important events on the gay Maspalomas agenda : the Bear Carnival and the Maspalomas Fetish Pride. Indeed, both used to plan many activities and parties in Bunker and Kiki during their celebrations, and they now have to quickly find new locations to keep alive with the festivities.

Bunker also used to host various important parties and festivals, like Into the Tank or, more recently, DLF which organised the closing party. It was also a great meeting point for Gay Pride and Fetish Pride all year-long.

Bunker was a quite big bar open 7 nights a week, and offering over three floors many facilities like darkrooms and zones, cabins, play areas, slings, fisting beds, a smoking area, porn movies on big screen, and so much more... On its side, Kiki was not so famous and important as Bunker but always acted as a complement and supporter of its big brother when it was needed.

Sex Clubs and Gay Men Cruising bars are very popular in Maspalomas and count among the most busy places in the gay scene. If you are looking for new locations to go out in place of Bunker, try Reds Club and Zoo Mens Bar.

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