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Green Pride Maspalomas, first Cannabis Social Club at the Yumbo

Updated: Feb 23

Cannabis social clubs are very trendy today, and for years now, there have always been several in Maspalomas, but for the first time, there is now one at the Yumbo Center. Bearing proudly the pretty name of Green Pride, this discreet but very well-located place is particularly oriented to gay customers, but not only. Everybody is welcome.

Green Pride, cannabis social club at the Yumbo Center (Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas)

A Cannabis Social Club, what is it about ?

A cannabis social club is a private club where members can meet and indulge in their favorite passion in a safe and social environment. These clubs are typically found in countries where cannabis is legal, either for medical or recreational use, and this is the case in Spain. Remember that here, since 2005, possession or consumption of cannabis is prohibited in public places but authorized in private places.

Subsequently, in July 2015, a change in the law allowed the opening of cannabis clubs, and thanks to the success of this concept, there are now more than 700 across the country. The idea behind these clubs is to provide a space where cannabis lovers can socialize with like-minded individuals without fear of legal repercussions.

Green Pride, cannabis social club at the Yumbo Center (Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas)

How does work a cannabis soc¡al club ?

Green Pride is the first cannabis social club to open at the Yumbo Center. Everybody is welcome, but before using the installation, the club asks all interested users to become members so they can enjoy all its benefits. There is a low fee to pay, which helps to cover the maintenance costs of the club and provide a safe environment for everyone. Users are also required to be over the age of 18 and in good mental health. When you subscribe, you will sign a formal declaration attesting to this.

In Green Pride, you can relax while listening to music and enjoying a beer or a soft drink with a snack. On weekends, it is also possible to eat some hot waffles. The room is small, but warm and the staff is very welcoming. Take advantage of the modern, stylish sofas, to spend a moment talking with nice people or looking at the crowd and the views around you. The club is located on the 4th floor, just above the Hiperdino Supermarket, and opens every day from 10h to 22h.

Ask for the Green Pide kit at only 30 € including many goodies for the best experience, like rolling paper, cannabis testing, samples and products demonstrations.

Green Pride, Yumbo Center 4th floor : Every day 10h - 22h


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