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Hot Garage Yumbo, two stores for two different uses in the same shopping centre

Updated: Nov 17

Hot Garage is proud to announce they have now two stores in the Yumbo Centrum. In addition to the long-standing well-known shop located on the groundfloor of the shopping centre, the sex shop recently opened a 24-hour automatic shop at the 4th floor.

Hot Garage, Sex Shop, Yumbo Centrum, Maspalomas.

Hot Garage is the most important and older sex shop in the Yumbo Centrum with over 17 years of experience in Maspalomas. In this well best know sex shop, you will find all kinds of items to spice up your sex life : massage oil, aphrodisiacs, toys, stimulants, gods, masturbators, underwear, DVD... There is everything needed for all sexualities : gay, straight, bi, fetish, etc.

The traditional shop is located at the groundfloor of the shopping centre, at the back area, and offers a personalized customer service and individual attention. If you can't find what you need, don't hesitate to ask, they can order it for you. Do you need some advice ? They will respond to you discreetly and competently. This store is open EVERY DAY, NON STOP from 10h till 22h30.

To meet the growing demand of its customers, Hot Garage recently launched a second address, this time open 24 hours a day, and located at the 4th floor of the shopping centre, (above the Hiperdino supermarker). This is an automatic machines shop, recommended for a discreet and anonymous service. This new store is also aimed at all adult person and allows easy payment in cash or by credit cards. Don't hesitate to go in and discover all a word of sexy things to play with.

Av. Estados Unidos, 54 - Yumbo Centrum - Open every day from 10h to 22h30 (traditional store) or 24h (automatic store) - 35 100 Playa del Inglés. Tel. (+34) 928 773 086

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