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Libidex celebrates fetish fashion with latex clothing for everyone

Libidex is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of latex garments, specialized in fetish suit, famous for its high quality and excellent tailoring. The brand is inspired by an homoerotic imagery such as bikers, soldiers, policemen, cow boy, businessman, doctor or tattooed men, and has a wide range of male clothing, including shirts, vests, shorts, leggings and jeans.

Based in London, Libidex makes a wide range of latex clothing for men, and in fact offers one of the best collections of latex garments for males, whether gay or straight. From the skimpiest of Jockstraps or G-Strings to a full tailcoat outfit, complete with dress shirt, the Libidex collection for men runs the full gamut of latex styles, offering latex hoods, shirts, tops and vests, jackets and suits, trousers, chaps, aprons and kilts, shorts and briefs, and even braces and ties !

Relatively new in the gay clothing market, the brand is very attractive for gay men. Everything is carefully tailored, offering lots of exciting twists and details to spice up these classic designs. Very few other latex designers provide quite the selection and choice you’ll find with Libidex ! All items are produced in a wide range of colours from Libidex’s own brand of latex Sheeting.

What is fetishism for you today in 2022 ?

It is the liberty of worship whoever and whatever you please. It is a great time to be into fetish, as taboos are conquered and rubber becomes more mainstream, it is not a dirty secret anymore.

« Fetishism is freedom of expression. »

What is your vision or the specificities of fetishism for gay men ?

We have been around long enough to know what tick the box of our gay customers. We cover all areas, from old school, BDSM, master and slave scenarios to a more hard and heavy rubber aesthetics. From Police, Military, Navy and myriad of uniforms to classic catsuits with attached hood, anal and cock and ball sheath to clubbing gear and fashion conscious designs. We have all areas covered.

What are the benefits of latex for creating fetish fashion ? What does this material provide that the others do not ?

Rubber is a very sensual material, It’s like a second skin, tantalising and provocative. It is stretchy and expandable making ideal to highlight and contour the human anatomy. It’s highly erotic to witness a rock hard cock underneath a latex catsuit, shorts or surfsuit.

« Fetishism became something to be celebrated ! »

Where can we find your products and how order from outside the UK ?

Our products are hand made to order and available at our website and also off the peg in our London Covent Garden store Liberation. Some items are now available from stock though the website too.

The Libidex boutique Liberation has been described by Time Out magazine as the ‘coolest kink boutique in town’ and, besides Libidex clothing, stocks a good selection of accessories, gifts, books, magazines, silicone spray and latex care products. It also features a fascinating collection of kinky antiques and is well worth a visit !

Liberation Libidex Boutique : 49 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H-9HE

Tel: +44 0207 8365894


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