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"Massage Gay Maspalomas", by Franck from Paris

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Discover the new massage services in Maspalomas, specially designed for gay men, by a young French masseur with many years of experience. Franck is a well-being massage practitioner, well-known in Paris and a professional masseur since January 2012. He’s here to help you upgrade your relaxation.

Massage Gay Maspalomas

Welcome to the world of wellness massage ! Are you tense, stressed, tired or just want to have a good time ? Give yourself a moment of break with a relaxing massage or a sports massage. Lie down, close your eyes, let yourself go, enjoy a sensory journey and find your balance.

Franck's massage for men is fluid, gentle, and very enveloping. It emphasizes your muscle structure at a slow pace. His in-depth and nuanced technique goes from head to toe, inviting an awareness of your body as a whole. The detailed work of each part of the body releases your tensions and induces a deep relaxation.

« My massage for men is a moment of complete relaxation, totally enveloping. It is perfectly adapted to the specificities of the male body. It will allow you to obtain an optimal recovery. I practice it with the thumbs, the palms of the hands, and the forearms, it will be both soft and firm according to your desires. This personalized massage focuses particularly on the muscles. It helps to soothe nervous tension, relieve muscle tension, and relieve stress. Very complete, my practice includes massage of the skull, cervical, shoulders, trapezius, spine, back muscles, shoulder blades, hands, gluteal muscles, thighs and feet. It will promote good sleep and awaken your bodily sensations. »

Massage Gay Maspalomas

Touch is a deep, subtle and marvellous art because it touches the very heart of man. Franck offers a massage that considers the individual as a whole. The human being is not only a physical body but, above all, a being that vibrates with feelings, passion, creativity, an emotional being, a mental being, a psychic and spiritual being. The different massage techniques applied to the body allow the blood to circulate better. When the touch becomes reassuring, the breathing becomes deeper, the muscles relax and sleep is deeper. You thus recover energy, and the massage reduces your fatigue.

« Obviously, I master several massage techniques, but what is essential is knowing how to be, the intention to pay all your attention in order to accompany the massaged person to a real letting go through a connection with his sensations. A quality massage requires the masseur to establish an authentic connection with the person being massaged. I offer a wellness massage service. I am a certified masseur. »

Franck practices naturist massage, it combines several techniques to make it as relaxing as possible : Californian massage, Swedish and of Lomi lomi Nui (Hawayein massage).

Californian Massage

Developed in Esalen, California around the 1950s and 60s, Californian massage is part of the family of psycho-corporal massages allowing work that can be a key to work on oneself. It is characterized by long sensual movements (in the sense of feeling and feeling, and not sexual), soft and harmonious, slowly, with pauses, thus allowing the receiver to tame what he feels, enveloping, thus favoring pleasure and well-being. The whole body is massaged with massage oil. Different specific techniques are used: effleurage, friction, kneading...

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage combines firmness and softness, depending on the needs. It runs as much on muscle attachments as on tendons and muscles. It aims to provide great muscle relaxation and thus promote an increase in the range of motion. It causes increased blood circulation in the muscle tissue, relaxes muscle tension, restores muscle and tendon elasticity and thereby produces obvious benefits. This technique uses effleurage, kneading, friction, as well as percussion at targeted locations. It is best known for its anti-stress effects.

Lomo lomi Nui

Lomi lomi is also called "Hawaiian massage" (in Hawaiian, lomi lomi means: "pressing" or "kneading"), it is an ancient form of massage practiced by the native Polynesians of Hawaii. Traditional healers, who use it in their practice, have passed down the techniques for many generations. Lomi lomi is touch in the spirit of aloha (respect, caring) that connects body, heart and soul to the source of life.

For more information and for bookings, visit the website.

Monday - Saturday : 9h-20h


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