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Dunas Map, the Go-To Guide for Gay Gran Canaria !

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

If you’re flying over to the gayest of holiday destinations sometime soon, you should lean on the unsurpassed knowledge of Dunas Map ! There's no greater authority on the gayest corner of Gran Canaria than Dunas Map. By @gaylondonlife

Gran Canaria Gay Guide, Maspalomas Gay Guide

Heading over to Maspalomas for holiday ? There's no greater authority on the gayest corner of Gran Canaria than Dunas Map. Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this year, the guide shares all the best beaches, bars, restaurants, shops and cruising spots in town, as well as sorts of practical things that might come in handy.

You can view it online at, but if you're old school and want the physical copy, it's stocked in hotels, bars and shops. There's even a quaterlymagazine about all things gay Gran Canaria, wich, again, can be seen online or bought on-location. Happy travels !

There’s nothing like a brief spell of boozing, schmoozing, and cruising on Gran Canaria. Whether you’re a newcomer to the island or a seasoned veteran of several sunny seasons, there’s one thing that can help you squeeze the most out of your sojourn — Dunas Map.

Started way back in 2008, it’s a one-stop guide for tourists, including everything from the best beaches and attractions to the top pick of bars and restaurants — plus a few tips on navigating the infamous Yumbo Centre. As well as that, you can find all the info and guidance that every foreign tourist needs to know for a seamless trip.

The map and listings can be easily accessed on your phone via the website or its app, but if you prefer the feel of something physical in your hands, you can find a paper copy in hotels, bars, and venues across Maspalomas.

What’s more, the experts behind the map have started publishing a regular magazine since last year and are currently on the sixth issue. This includes all the latest gay going-ons and openings (ahem), as well as interviews and a bit of eye candy.

Again, you can read this online, but you can just as easily order a physical copy to your front door. Be warned — we estimate you’ll be on Skyscanner looking at flights roughly two minutes after starting to flick through the pages.

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