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"Stars in Maspalomas", the Dunas Magazine Summer issue is now out

The Dunas Magazine Summer Issue is now out. In this new issue, Dunas Magazine gives you the opportunity to meet some of the brand new stars in Maspalomas. Who are they ? What are they doing ? What is their relationship with Maspalomas and the gay community ?

Dunas magazine Summer Issue, Stars in Maspalomas

In the Summary :

  • Meet Pablo & Sebas Cortés, two local pornstars winners of many awards but also, and most of all, two partners in love. They tell us everything about them.

  • Get into the world of Puppy Bodar20cm, the only European contestant and winner of 3rd place in the Chicago's International Puppy and Trainer Contest, representing Gran Canaria and France.

  • Discover who is behind Namaste Bharat, the new trendy Indian restaurant at the Yumbo Centre.

  • Find also an interview with Stéphane from IDM Sauna Paris, the guy that leads the happy pink team you surely saw during the last Maspalomas Pride.

  • And finally, a complete article about the Gran Canaria Gastronomic Tour, our new and delicious excursion to taste the flavours of the island, taking place every Thursday from Maspalomas.

Dunas Magazine is available online below. Note that the links are clickable, so you can learn more about the people and places you are going to read about. You can also order a print-on-demand copy, which will be delivered directly to your home. Enjoy your reading !

(July 2024, nº10 - 44 pages - Dunas Magazine "Stars in Maspalomas")


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