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Dunas Map Maspalomas Gay Guide celebrates its 15th anniversary !

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Dunas Map has been the Maspalomas gay guide for 15 years already and celebrates in 2023 15 years serving and guiding the LGBT community in the Gay Destination Nº1 in Europe ! The first publication came out in October 2008 and the guide has published in total not less than 80 issues since it was launched.

Gay Maspalomas : Dunas Map Gay Guide, app and gay Marketing since 2008.

Founded by two gay partners in life and in business, Dunas Map has constantly innovated and evolved a lot over the years, becoming a reference for gay tourism in Gran Canaria. But how did this whole adventure begin ?

When Dunas Map was born, there were no gay maps in Playa del Inglés, although the tradition was already well established in several cities in Spain and elsewhere in the world. The Number 1 Gay Destination in Europe therefore also had to have its own gay town plan in order to guide and inform the thousands of gay men who constantly visit the seaside resort. The first thing was to find a name for it, then a format, but very quickly Dunas Map found its stride and settled into the tourist landscape of Maspalomas.

One of the particularities of Dunas Map is to have chosen to work with famous fashion brands for men and to put forward on its cover sexy male models wearing beautiful bathing suits. This is how, over the years, Dunas Map has had the privilege of working with important brands such as NIT, Boxer, Addicted, Libidex, ES, Alexander Cobb, and today, Code 22. Dunas Map covers are carefully made and always show handsome boys wearing bathing suits or beachwear to match the Maspalomas image.

Knowing a longevity of more than 15 years is a great challenge, and the gay guide has had to overcome many changes to be able to last and continue to exist.

One of the reasons for the success of Dunas Map is that the guide knew how to follow the expectations of visitors and traders. In particular, it was necessary to reflect all aspects of gay tourism in Maspalomas, not just the bars and hotels, as many guides do, but also the restaurants, shops and all services, providing all the details needed, data contacts, maps and itineraries. It was also necessary to adapt to new technologies that have undergone rapid development in recent years. Alongside the paper guide, Dunas Map has also developed on the Internet and in social media.

Dunas Magazine, gay travel and tourism in Maspalomas

The most important Dunas Map resource in Internet is, of course, the website This page offers a lot of tips and an impressive amount of information that cannot be found in the printed version, such as the history of the gay beach, a presentation of the most popular cruising spots, or a list of must-see places. The site provides information about gay-friendly restaurants and also allows you to book an excursion by bus, 4x4, or boat.

But Dunas Map is also accessible on social media, in particular on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. The guide is proud to have created, in addition to its public networks, a private Facebook group, tottaly free and discrete, called "Maspalomas Gay Men", which allows gay men from all over the world to learn and discuss about maspalomas. This page is a huge success and also offers great visibility to brands and businesses that collaborate with Dunas Map. Don't wait to join us, and you will enjoy a great experience !

Thanks to its important presence on the Internet, Dunas Map reaches thousands of followers and promotes Maspalomas and Gran Canaria all over the world.

Through the website and social media, Dunas Map connects everyday not only tourists and residents already present in Maspalomas but also travelers who plan their next trip or visitors who come from time to time and who do not want to lose contact with Gran Canaria when they are off the island. The readership comes mainly from Europe, but also from America, Asia and Africa.

Get the best of Maspalomas with Dunas Map !

Over time, Dunas Map has become a real services agency dedicated to tourism, travel, and gay-oriented marketing, not only in Gran Canaria but also elsewhere in the world. During the coronavirus crisis, tourism stopped in Maspalomas and Gran Canaria, but Dunas Map decided to continue despite the hardships and not to give up. The paper publications were interrupted, but the guide continued on the Internet in a digital version, and took advantage of this to accentuate its online presence, among other things, thanks to the Dunas Map blog.

Dunas Map App,  gay app Maspalomas

After the crisis, when the tourists returned, Dunas Map decided to move forward again, launching a new magazine available online for free. If you prefer a physical version, it is also possible to order a print-on-demand copy, which you will receive by mail wherever you are in the world. It's about a luxurious large-format full color publication with a new issue every three months. You can find in the magazine detailed articles on gay life in Maspalomas, new openings, events, as well as many tips for making the most of your holidays. The number 6 is already out !

Today, the most recent Dunas Map inovation is the new application, designed for practical and intelligent use. In addition to having access to all the advertisers in the guide, the Dunas Map application allows you to check the agenda, calendars, and other essential activities going on, and coming to, the gay resort. It also offers gifts and discounts.

After 15 years of existence, Dunas Map continues with the same spirit that has accompanied us from the begining : the desire to help and guide the community, the sense of beauty and aesthetics, and the need to support gay and gay-friendly businesses.


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