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Maspalomas Gay Scene : Where is the gay area in the seaside resort ?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Maspalomas is a big seaside resort composed of not less than eight different urbanisations. All of them are not frequented in the same way by gay men and not all offer the same interest in gay tourism. Discover where the gay scene is exactly located and what part of the city corresponds to the gay area.

Maspalomas Gay Area, Gay Maspalomas

The epicenter of the gay scene in Maspalomas is located in Playa del Inglés. This is where all the gay events of the festive and cultural calendar of Maspalomas take place throughout the year, such as Gay Pride, Winter Pride, Carnival, Fetish Week, the Freedom Festival, etc. This is also where we find the famous Yumbo shopping center, which alone brings together 90% of the shops, bars, restaurants, and gay or gay friendly leisure activities in Maspalomas.


Playa del Inglés is undeniably the place to be to experience Maspalomas' gay scene, but it is important to know that the whole area is not specifically gay. Far from it ! If you go to locations like along Avenida de Italia, Avenida de Gran Canaria, Avenida de Madrid or near the Tropical Shopping Center, Kashba Center, or Anexo II Shopping Center, for example, you are very likely not to meet a single gay man on the horizon and non gay-only establishment. Avoid aswell San Agustin, Meloneras, El Veril or San Fernando.

Concretely, the gay part of Playa del Inglés is concentrated in the streets around the Yumbo and mainly along the Avenida de Tirajana down to the Cita Shopping Center. The gay area includes precisely the following avenues : Avenida de Alemania, de España, Alfereces Provisionales, de Bonn, and Sargentos Provisionales. They have all a high gay traffic, in whole or in part.

Maspalomas Gay Area, Gay Maspalomas, Dunas Map


Campo Internacional is not exactly in the gay area of Playa del Inglés. However, it is important to know that several gay resorts are located there, at least five, mostly in the surroundings of the Av. Touroperador Kuoni. For that reason, we can consider it as a satellite of the gay area, with a certain amount of gay men's presence. There are not a lot of services in the neighborhood, it is a part of the city almost without commercial activity, such as bars, restaurants or shops, it's calm and quiet, but it exists and should be taken into account.

To get a better idea of ​​the gay area of ​​Playa del Inglés, just have a look at the city map published in any issue of Dunas Map. You will find a detailed representation of the gay scene as well as the exact location of various gay or gay-friendly businesses. This map is also available on the Internet. Finally, you can also refer to the list of partners and advertisers specializing in gay tourism that we publish on our website.

If you want to be sure to be among gay men, follow these tips.


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