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One Bullet Tattoo, the studio of a true master tattoo artist

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

ONE BULLET TATTOO is a professional studio managed by Leo Lauro, a true master tattoo artist from Argentina. Located in Playa del Inglés, close to the Yumbo, this welcoming and elegant place quickly became one of the most recognized and appreciated establishments by tattoo lovers in Maspalomas.

One Bullet Tattoo, tattoo studio Maspalomas by Leo Lauro

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Leo Lauro arrived in Gran Canaria in 2006. Ten years later, in 2016, he opened One Bullet Tattoo, his first studio, a place where clients are thoroughly looked after, guided, and pampered. We met him to learn more about his career, to get to know his vision of the profession and to give us his impressions on the art of tattooing.

- Leo, who works in the tattoo studio ? Are you alone ? with a partner ? In the studio, I am the owner, but there are four tattoo artists : Susana, Nestor, Jose, and me. Vanessa is the receptionist and studio manager.

- One Bullet Tattoo has been in business for several years now and It's a kind of a success, where does the idea of opening a tattoo studio in Gran Canaria come from ? Why Playa del Inglés ? It was not something very premeditated; things were happening. I have always lived in the south of the island, so when thinking about a place.

I opted for Playa del Inglés, and thus be able to work with my clientele, for whom I am eternally grateful, but also be able to work with tourists who come on vacation and choose us to take a souvenir of their trip, or even people interested in our style who look for us before coming to the island to book an appointment for more elaborate work.

One Bullet Tattoo, tattoo studio Maspalomas by Leo Lauro

- Where does the name "One Bullet" come from ? I thought about it a lot until I came up with a name that represents the studio. One Bullet for me speaks of an opportunity. An opportunity to get it right, to do things right. We can always make mistakes in life, but let it be starting from the fact that you want to give your best. The name reminds me in every situation in life, not only at work, decisions, ways of acting, etc., that I want to do well, so I think it's a good way to take things seriously and reinforce the desire. Each tattoo is a new opportunity to improve yourself.

- What training do you have? How long did you learn ? Where ? I studied graphic design in Argentina, and in 2002 I bought my first equipment and began the search for learning, which back then was very difficult to get information about. Nobody wanted to share knowledge. Today it is much easier. I started, like almost everyone, to tattoo friends and family at home, little by little, without getting into complicated things (although it often got complicated, hahaha). I traveled to Gran Canaria in 2006, where I was lucky enough to meet Arturo. He helped me a lot with learning, and from then on I dedicated myself fully to this. With a lot of passion and enthusiasm, I did not stop. I thought about tattoos all day. I spent all my time studying, drawing, and tattooing. For many years, that was my rhythm of life.

Things do not come by themselves ; you have to work on them and make an effort to achieve your goals. Until one day, I began to realize that I already had an acceptable level and it was like my first internal reward, and to this day I continue with that same ideology. You never stop learning in this profession.

- What is the type of tattoo you prefer to perform ? When I started tattooing, styles almost didn't exist ; they were practically gray, colored or tribal tattoos. Then it began to be defined more and the most pronounced styles began. I have learned to do everything. I can get along well in almost all styles, but today I am more focused on Japanese and the old school.

- What are the most requested tattoos, the most fashionable ? There are always tattoos that become fashionable and, for periods, more requested. As was the tribal at the time. For example, although today they are still made, 15 years ago they were very fashionable and many asked for them. In my case, what they ask me for the most, because they already know my work, are large Japanese-style projects ; legs, arms, backs, even the entire body ; and also traditional old school style pieces, which I have been doing for many years and enjoy very much making them.

- What are your tips for clients who are going to come to see you to get a tattoo ? First of all, come with an open mind. Obviously, with an initial idea or reference, but come knowing that you will be attended by a professional who will put all his knowledge to work to guide you until you reach a good conclusion to carry out your project. What is the average cost of a tattoo ? It is very relative. It depends on what you are looking for. A large project is carried out in several sessions, and the price depends on the duration of each one.

- What is the price for a tattoo ?

To give a more general idea, the minimum price we have in the studio is 60 €. From then on, it depends on the size and complexity of the design. The best thing is always to go to the studio and be able to talk about everything in person with the artist, clarify all the details, and thus be able to receive a more accurate quote for the tattoo to be done.

One Bullet Tattoo, tattoo studio Maspalomas by Leo Lauro

- What is, more or less, the time it takes to do a tattoo ? From half an hour for a small tattoo, to many sessions of several hours (normally calculating two weeks between sessions) for larger projects, sometimes it takes years !

- Do you have to make an appointment in advance ? In the studio we have several tattooists. For something small, many times we can attend on the go. But for a bigger job, it's always going to be better to schedule it ahead of time. The ideal is to have a consultation appointment with the artist, and once both have been in tune with the path to follow, make an appointment for the tattoo.

- How many sessions for a tattoo ? How much time per session ? As we mentioned before, the number of sessions it will require depends on which project is going to be carried out. For example, for an entire arm, approximately 16 to 20 hours of work are spread over 4 or 5 sessions.

- Do you have to wait a long time for the ink to dry after the tattoo ? For how many days can the tattoo not be exposed to the sun ? The healing process takes about two weeks, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. During all those healing days, it is important to avoid direct sunlight and also the sea and the pool.

- What do you think is the future of tattooing ? It has grown a lot in recent years and will continue to do so. Nowadays, it is super normal to see someone tattooed. Just as it has become popular among people, there are also more and more new generations of tattoo artists. What many do not know is the amount of work, dedication, and passion that must be put into play to become a professional. People trust us with their skin. This must be valued and taken seriously. Wanting to be a tattoo artist just because it's fashionable is not a good way to go. I believe that something will happen at some point that will make only true professionals survive ; those who have a passion for tattooing ; those who pay taxes ; those who are grateful to this beautiful profession ; those who make an effort daily ; those who were always struggling to improve.

For my part, I will continue learning. I will continue in the same line that I have come to today, appreciating everything that this profession gave me and trying to make my artistic and cultural contribution to give something back to the world of tattooing.

One Bullet Tattoo, tattoo studio Maspalomas by Leo Lauro

One Bullet Tattoo : (+34) 671 145 187

Av. Alféreces Provisionales 31 - local 5, Playa del Inglés


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