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Top Massages Yumbo, a new studio spa and beauty centre by Vadim

Updated: Mar 29

Top Massages is a new studio spa, body care and beauty centre recently created and opened at the Maspalomas Yumbo Centre by Vadim, the most famous and flamboyant businessman in the Maspalomas gay community. Discover this incredible place with a unique style.

Top Massages Yumbo Maspalomas, spa, beauty centre and body care

The most famous and flamboyant businessman at the Yumbo Centre is back after a new experience in the United States. We met him for an exclusive interview. He talked to us about the services he offers and his vision of Gran Canaria and the gay travel community.

Hello Vadim, can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your academic formation and your career as a businessman ?

Hi everybody, my name is Vadím Rich, I am a professional massage therapist, spiritual coach, teacher of yoga and beautician. I am a Spanish citizen of Tartar origin. I've been living in Gran Canaria for more than 15 years now. I have a Masters Degree (MSc) in International Banking. I also have a degree in traditional and Japanese medicine. Currently, I am studying at the Academy of Cinema, Theatre and Television.

I have pursued extensive specialized training and gained experience in different fields of preventive medicine and obtained degrees in Western medicine, along with an experienced team of therapists, from Buddhists through the monks and from many religious and philosophical backgrounds, specializing in and offering many different techniques and contemporary therapies, resulting in a totally personalized and specialized treatment for our clients. With my ongoing training with the Dalai Lama School, I constantly try to bring additional insight and benefits to my treatments to complement our extensive experience in alternative therapies as static and spiritual art.

Since I came to Gran Canaria, I found my own medical-buddhist SPA, where my team offers almost all the conventional body and beauty care services, as well as healing techniques such as yoga, meditation, and thai-chi. We are proud to offer a very high level of treatments based on our top-level formal studies, experience, and personal endeavors at the most reasonable prices in the country. An experience we can guarantee you will have never experienced before.

Which are the specifications of your spa and beauty centre ? Do you have any specialties or particular treatments that make you different from the other massage centres ? And what about your professional team ?

Run by fitness models and physiotherapists, Top Massages most personalized Spa is here to grant you a long and good life, both physically and spiritually. Our practices allow our spa to offer an environment that is relaxed, friendly, and inviting, with the well-being of the client being the top priority. Many clients have extended their days of holidays and returned to experience further treatments and therapies we offer.

Our place has approximately 120 square meters and five therapy rooms. I, personally, am really passionate about doing the treatments I provide. My specialty is Japanese medicine in zero gravity. My team consists of 6 boys and 2 girls. Almost all are from Gran Canaria and have studied at some of the most prestigious massage academies and in the world of sports.

We are considered to be a very complete SPA with whirlpools, showers, sunbeds, and a revolutionary LPG fat-burn machine, all that directly in the iconic Yumbo Centre, providing not only classic SPA treatments but also spiritual and energetic support to our clients. All of us practice yoga, and we are Buddhists. Being directly inside Yumbo we help people enjoy all the attractions of this wonderful place and save time and effort as we are right in the very heart of the shopping centre and Playa del Inglés.

Do you have a specific approach for men or gay men ? Does your clientele have special needs ?

Since our first day as a SPA in the Yumbo Centre, we have focused mainly on our male clients, having a special line of beauty and massage products for men’s care. The gay community is becoming more and more sophisticated. Many couples who may have started in nightclubs have become stable, solid, and intelligent marriages now. The overall rapport of both couples and individual travelers is getting much more advanced. Personally, I love gay travel around the globe, as it helps reduce wars and aggression. Also, wherever you go, you find THE club, and in a subtle way, you have support on any issues as well as sharing, more philosophical matters. In general, the desire of the boys is to look attractive and enjoy total health, which results in great well-being for everyone.

Our spa centre offers a wide range of wellness, rehabilitation, and rejuvenating treatments in the fields of both therapy and cosmetology. At the center, we can satisfy even the most demanding tastes, always providing a first-class service. One of them is a Spa wrap. The wrap procedure is a type of therapy. The main goal is to remove excess fluid and toxins and reduce the subcutaneous fat layer. With the help of thalassotherapy procedures, you can reduce the fat's volume and restore skin elasticity. Spa programs are a way to achieve pleasure and relax your body and soul.

Also, our philosophy is to reinforce an emotional connection between couples. That’s why all the rooms are set up to accommodate two guests at the same time. We think massage and spa are much better to do when you can share them with someone else. That's why, among the range of treatments at our center, you can choose those for two people that will help you enjoy a wonderful holiday, establish contact with a person, and try something new together. Spa for two can help you get rid of complexes in appearance, as well as forget about the fast pace of life and take a little relaxing break. In the rush of everyday life, we forget to spend time with those we love. If you are looking for a treat for yourself and someone special, or you want to give someone a perfect and unique gift, spa programs for two can be the best surprise : birthdays, anniversaries, weddings - the list of events is endless !

As a couple or alone, for your body, your mind, or for both, choose our center to live an extraordinary experience that will leave you wanting to repeat it. Namaste !

List of services :

  • Couple Massages

  • Four hands Massages

  • Sport Massages

  • Jacuzzi

  • Hot Stones Massages

  • Fat burn (LPG)

  • Body wraps

  • Pedicure

  • Manucure

Top Massages Yumbo Maspalomas, spa, beauty centre and body care

Top Massage Spa Beauty Centre

Yumbo Centre (4th Floor - Above Hiperdino supermarket)

Open everyday, from 10h to 22h

Booking : (+34) 613 80 02 96

> Loyalty card : The 10th massage is free > Bring 2 friends and receive a free massage


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