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Speedo and swim brief, why it is the best choice for men today ?

Updated: Jan 14

In recent years, there has been a real debate about men's swimwear and war has been declared between the supporters of the speedo style and those of shorts or bermudas. In Maspalomas, we have definitely chosen the speedo, and we tell you why.

Code 22 Swimwear

In Spain, and especially in the Canary Islands, and especially in a gay destination like Gran Canaria or Maspalomas, the tradition for men is to wear a speedo. It's a bit like in Brazil, in the West Indies or in the Caribbean. And it's not for nothing; there are many reasons for this, as you will see.

First of all, shorts and bermudas for swimming or sunbathing are definitely not convenient, and above all, they're definitely not fun. Leave the shorts to the boring guys, your grandfather, the complexed teenagers, or the guy who has no aesthetic sense, and be proud, show off and wear a speedo ! Speedo is not only for gay men, but it makes special sense with the gay style of life.

It's a pity to see very attractive men wearing shorts or bermudas as a swimsuits

The correct name for speedo is swim brief (or sometimes racing brief or just brief), it is about any briefs style male swimsuit, such as those worn in competitive swimming, diving and water polo. The word "Speedo" comes from the Australian brand that first produced this type of swim brief in large quantities and exploited it as a commercial and fashion product. It should not be confused with the mini slip, which is clearly closer to an erotic accessory.

The speedo is sexy but not provocative; it is the sexiest swimwear of all, and it perfectly meets the needs of the beach, the sea, and the sun. It has a elegant design. It fits perfectly and it is very balanced. It does neither too much nor too little. Even better, it highlights you. It has the advantage of molding your body, giving you a more beautiful silhouette by lengthening your legs and highlighting your curves, front and back. It gives a sporty look, like that of swimmers, athletes, acrobats or professional divers.

Speedo is younger (even if you are not) and more attractive than anything else. But that's not all; it's also more comfortable and practical, it dries faster on the skin, it's cleaner, and it doesn't pick up all the sand and dirt around you. It also has the advantage of allowing a stylish and almost complete tan that does not leave ridiculous marks.

The quick drying time is an important part of the popularity of speedos. This is why many studies are produced on this subject to find the best material and constantly offer new fabrics. Generally, the speedo is made of a nylon and spandex composite (Lycra), while some longer-lasting suits are made from polyester or from other materials, such as the parachute fabric.

Real men wear speedos !

It is no coincidence that the most popular and trendiest swimwear brands continue to give preference to the speedo and give it the best place in their collections. Originally, the first brands that developed the speedo the most were sports brands like Adidas, Nike, Arena or TYR, but now fashion has taken hold of this type of swimsuit, and very trendy brands are now offering their vision of the speedo.

In Spain, the bigger and most known brand that illustrated more how sexy the speedo is is Code 22. Their models are always so hot and modern. But, If you are looking for a more eco-friendly and handcrafted alternative, just visit Lyctus in Barcelona; you won’t be desappointed. Another good choice is Alexander Cobb, a design brand from Scandinavia. High-quality products and style are always there.

Another proof that shows that the speedo is more and more popular today is the incredible number of fan pages, lovers and addicts dedicated to it in social networks, especially in Instagram and Twitter. For example, Speedo Men, Sexy in Speedo, Speedo Lads, Speedo Fans, Sexy Speedo Men, Speedo Love, Hot Speedo, Speedo Pride, Speedo for Men, and even Real Men Wear Speedos ! This swimsuit generates real enthusiasm and arouses passion.

With lace or without lace, unicolor or multicolor, wide or narrow, there are many types of speedos, and the model remains very varied. Choose the one that you like the most or that suits you best, but don't be wrong and stick to the speedo !

In Maspalomas, you can buy speedos (and more) at Code Store, Scandals Canarias and Glamour Erotic Boutik, all at Cita Shopping Center. They have an incredible choice and very good prices.


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